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What’s your system for reporting traceability events? 

Do you have a system in place to ensure that your traceability events are reported to DairyTrace?

It’s important to report traceability events to DairyTrace regularly and within the timeframes required by proAction®. Here’s why:

  • It helps you meet proAction® reporting requirements and to have a successful audit
  • It helps to keep your herd information up to date
  • Up-to-date traceability records help ensure effective and rapid traceback in an animal health emergency, protecting farms and the dairy industry
  • Provides a back-up of records you keep on farm in the event they are lost or destroyed.

proAction® requires that the following events must be reported within 7 days to DairyTrace:

  • Arrival on farm
  • Move-in to an affiliate premise
  • Tag replacement
  • Death
  • Export and Import

Animals born on farm must be tagged within 7 days of birth or before the animal leaves the farm, whichever comes first.

Births must be reported to DairyTrace within 45 days or before they leave the farm of origin, whichever comes first. 


Quick reminder: If you are using a third-party software for reporting, be sure to check your DairyTrace account on a regular basis to verify that your events are being reported correctly. 

Watch the video to hear how dairy farmer Chris McLaren ensures that records are kept up to date for his farm: 

Since October 2020, the DairyTrace customer services team has sold over 500,000 white single button RFID tags. This reflects the strong rate of adoption of these tags by dairy farmers across Canada and means that more animals are in the DairyTrace system. This helps ensure an effective national and globally trusted traceability system, building public trust and strengthening Canada’s export status. 

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Important Note!

After September 1, 2023, all tag activations must be using white dairy tags only.

As per proAction® requirements, calves born on a dairy farm after this date must have white DairyTrace tags applied at birth, even if they are destined for purposes other than dairy production.

This will also include other retagging scenarios on farm, such as the use of the white single or a dual tag set (instead of a yellow button tag for cull cows) when a tag is lost. Dual tagging is the recommended best practice for all animals in case of tag loss.

The change applies to all provinces except Quebec, where dual tagging of all dairy animals has been a longstanding requirement.

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