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Looking for a quick way to report traceability events on the go? 

The DairyTrace app is now updated to make reporting easier! Thank you to all producers who provided feedback to make this update even better!

To download the app for the first time or to complete an app update, go to the Google Play or the App Store to access the new version.

When you first login, you will need to enter your DairyTrace account username and password.

Download the new User Guide!

Forgot your Username or Password?

If you forget your password, select Reset your password. Provided there is an internet connection, the DairyTrace portal website will open on your phone. You will then need to follow the instructions to reset your password through the portal.

*Tip – The Welcome page of your online portal displays your username. 

Hear from producer Gerrit Damsteeg on how he uses the DairyTrace app for reporting:

Want answers to all your questions about traceability event reporting? A DairyTrace Webinar will be coming soon, so watch for upcoming registration information. 

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