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Do you need to report a movement event but don’t have the PID? 

Premises ID (PID) is key to traceability as it tracks the movement of animals from a location with a unique premises identification number. 

Here's what to do:

  • If the animal is from another dairy farm that has a DairyTrace account, you may be able to find the PID in the public premises search in the portal. 
  • If the PID is not searchable in the DairyTrace portal, you will have to contact the previous owner/operator to obtain the appropriate PID number required for reporting all move-in events.

How to use the public premises search in the DairyTrace portal:

  • Go to public premises search, choose to search based on the account/farmer information or by the premise information. 

Hint: Click on the 'i' for helpful tricks when using the search filters to find what you need.

  • If the search finds the PID you need, click the green plus to add the PID to your address book.

Note: If the PID is already in your address book, you will see a green flag icon instead of the green plus.

  • Enter a description of the PID to save it to your address book. 

  • The PID is now saved in your address book so you can complete event move-ins easily coming from this location. 

Note: These PIDs from the public search are only visible to DairyTrace users. 

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