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Reporting move-outs is a recommended good practice. Why?

Helps ensure full dairy traceability 

Reporting move-outs helps ensure full traceability of the animal throughout the dairy system. Move-in events are only required under proAction regulations. This means that currently the premises your animals are going to, (i.e. sale, feedlot, show) may not be voluntarily reporting move-in events. 

Hear from producer Chris McLaren about why it’s important to him to be able to trace where cattle are going to and coming from.

Benefits to you

  • You do not have to rely on the next premise to report the next movement which removes the animal from your premise.
  • A more complete database aids in quicker traceback response time in the case of an emergency.
  • Reported move-outs create documented events when your animals were intermingled with others off-farm.

Keeps your herd inventory list up to date

In addition, reporting animals no longer on your premises also means that those animals will not continue to appear in your DairyTrace account. This will help keep your herd inventory list up to date. 

Benefits to you

  • Short and accurate animals on- farm list to choose from when reporting
  • Accurate herd inventory lists help quickly verify if you have forgotten to report any events.

Note: If you don’t have the premises identification number when reporting a move-out, you can include the address of the premises instead. This function also applies to reporting imports and exports.

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