Welcome to our first edition of DairyTrace TagTips - quick tips, helpful hints and FAQs to help producers understand the best and most efficient ways to use your traceability tools.

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Dairy animal ear tags can be ordered through DairyTrace customer services by phone, email, or online through Holstein Canada’s website. Dairy producers in Quebec must continue to order their tags directly through Attestra.

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What should I do if an animal loses a tag?

Any Canadian dual dairy tag sets are free to replace (except for animals born in Quebec). You can order the same number and the new reissued tag can be applied to the ear. Seven days after the tag is shipped, DairyTrace will automatically report the re-issue event, under the assumption the tag has been reapplied.

If you are shipping the animal and are unable to wait for a new RFID tag to arrive, you can apply a white RFID tag from your own supply and report a cross reference event in DairyTrace.

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