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Greyhound Gossip
Spotted: Maverick exacting his intent to spend a long day catching up on sleep. Being a retired greyhound requires long hours of leisurely activity.

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National Greyhound Adoption Month


Cal, a former professional athlete, has a message: he's looking for a life of retirement and someone to enjoy it with.  


April is National Adopt-a-Greyhound month, and the need to place surplus racing greyhounds has never been greater. The Greyhound Project is spreading the message of greyhound adoption awareness to ensure that 100 percent of these greyhounds find caring homes.  


This tall, leggy beauty is ready to claim your couch as her throne. After a brief racing career and lack of luck as a potential mother, Corina has declared her life of retirement. This happy-go-lucky gem is bound to win her way into your heart and home.

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Maverick has blazed the trail to his new life of retirement, quickly conquering the mysteries of hardwood floors, bushy Great Pyrenees tails, and doggy doors. This great, inquisitive heartthrob is ready for a permanent place to call home and a family of his own.

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Shyster is looking forward to his third career as a couch potato. After successfully navigating the Grade A race circuit, and fatherhood, Shyster is ready to take on his new life with a greyt family. With a charming personality and classic good looks, Shyster is a  four-legged rendition of James Dean.

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Splash is a fun-loving girl with spunk and an affection for stuffies. Ever the lady, Splash is a wonderful companion and has taken on her new life of retirement by coaching Stuffie Gymnastics. All of her new students have mastered the art of somersaults, backflips and aerial artistry. Sources say the stuffies often squeak for joy at Splash's coaching skills. Splash is currently looking for a home to permanently base her life of retirement and coaching.

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Did you know?

Although many greyhound tracks have closed in recent years, the need to find homes for retired racing greyhounds has not diminished.

Greyhounds retiring from the 22 remaining tracks located in 7 states around the country still number in the thousands.


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April 26: Three Dog Bakery, Little Elm
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May 26: Hall Office Park, Frisco

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