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Tags Tales:  January 2014      

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Anchor  (Now Drew) 

Adopted December 8  



Adopted December 14   



Adopted December 17  



Adopted January 11   

Greyhound Gossip
Spotted: Maverick, the greyt warrior, defending the backyard realm and protecting all from the ferocious, squeaky invaders!

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Greyt Seniors


Senior Greyhounds are wonderful. Often passed over for adoption due to age, seniors are nevertheless wonderful additions to a family! 


It's a guarantee that the years with you will be the BEST years of a greyt senior's life!  


TAGS Senior Tippi is still available for adoption.   

Greyt Health
There doesn't appear to be a seasonal trend in canine influenza like there is in humans, but there is now a vaccine for canine influenza

Most dogs get a mild form of canine flu but secondary infections are a concern. Look out for fever and a yellow, nasal discharge. Contact your veterinarian for more info.

TAGS Needs...

Wish List
Heartworm Medication
Frontline Plus
Monetary Donations & Gift Cards
Vet wrap
Pepcid AC
Immodium AD
Did you know?

In 331 B.C., Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, owned a Greyhound.  


After his Greyhound, Peritas, died in battle, Alexander ordered a state funeral for him and named a city after Peritas, his brave and loyal Greyhound.


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Greyhound Gossip
Drew (aka Anchor) spotted performing the interpretative dance Pretzel Boy. A Broadway show may be in his future.

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Help Wanted: February Convention Shows

TAGS has been asked to participate in the Collin County Home & Garden Spring Show and the DFW Auto Show! Both events are in February this year and volunteers are needed to help man the two-day events! 

The Collin County Home &  Garden Spring Show is February 8-9.

The DFW Auto Show is February 22-23.

For volunteer times and more information, contact Lindsay at Lindsay@brotherson.com.  
Events & Volunteer Opportunities
Meet & Greet 
January 25: Half Price Books, Plano
February 8-9: Collin County Home & Garden Show, Allen
February 22-23: DFW Auto Show, Dallas Convention Center
March 8: Frisco Mercantile, Frisco
March 15: Unleashed by Petco, Dallas

Fosters Needed 
Fill your heart and home- foster a greyhound! 

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are essential to the success of TAGS. From event volunteering and fostering to marketing and fundraising, there are volunteer opportunities for everyone.
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