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Tags Tales:  August 2015     

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Forever Fridays on Facebook
Although every day probably seems like a Friday to retired Greyhounds, TAGS would like to showcase its adoptees on Facebook each Friday.  

Send us photos of your TAGS adoptees in retirement mode so we can post them on Forever Fridays.

Volunteer Opportunity

TAGS has been asked to participate in the 2015 Collin County Home & Garden Spring Show, September 12th & 13th at The Allen Event Center, 200 E. Stacy Road, Allen, TX

If you can come with your Greyhound or TAGS foster Greyhound for one of the shifts below, please contact Lindsay Brotherson at  lindsay@brotherson.com.  

Volunteers needed for all shifts.   
  • Saturday 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Saturday 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Public garage parking at no cost and metered parking are available and you will receive free admission as a TAGS volunteer.

This is a well attended event and a greyt way to let people know about the wonders of Greyhounds!!  We hope to see you there.

TAGS Facebook

 Like me on Facebook

Share the TAGS Facebook page with your friends and encourage them to share with other people.  

The more likes the TAGS Facebook page has the more likely another Greyhound will be adopted.  Help TAGS spread the word.

Greyhound Savy Vets

Vet cartoon
TAGS has taken into its system well over 100 Greyhounds.  We know that many of you have greyhound-knowledgeable vets whose praises you would like to sing.  

Please send us the name, address and phone number of your vet if you would like to make a recommendation to new adopters.  We will add them to our vet list on the website. 

TAGS Retail Booths
TAGS has a booth at the Frisco Mercantile and at Richardson Mercantile!

The booths have a variety of items, including d├ęcor for your home and items for your furry friend...and for you.

Proceeds from booth sales go right back into TAGS for the adoption of more greyhounds .

Richardson Mercantile  -  1010 S. Coit  (SE corner of Beltline & Coit) , Richardson, TX

Frisco Mercantile - 8980 Preston Road (SE corner of Main & Preston), Frisco, TX  

More Ways to Help TAGS

As always, fostering a TAGS retiree is one of the top ways to help TAGS.  Both regular fosters and vacation/holiday fosters are needed.   

But there are always other ways to help as well.  

  • Volunteer to bring your Greyhound to a TAGS event (see the volunteer opportunity for the 2015 Fall Collin County Home and Garden Show above).  
  • Purchase merchandise from the TAGS' booth at Frisco Mercantile at 8980 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas, and the TAGS' booth at Richardson Mercantile at 1010 S. Coit Road, Richardson, Texas.  
  • Donate merchandise to TAGS to sell at its booths or to auction/raffle at TAGS events.  
  • Volunteer for administrative duties (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).  
  • Host a TAGS fundraising event.  
  • Make a cash donation to TAGS to help take care of the medical needs of its Greyhounds waiting for their forever homes.  


TAGS and its Greyhound appreciate all volunteer efforts!

Your help is, as always, greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance for helping TAGS and the Greyhounds. We hope to see you at the Collin County Home and Garden Show.  

Thank you for your continued support,
The TAGS Board of Directors

Texas Adopt a Greyhound Society, Inc.

PO Box 703782, Dallas, TX  75370-3782


214.368.TAGS(8247)   /   tagsintx@gmail.com   /   www.tagsintx.org


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