January 2018
Greetings TMM members! Happy New Year! May you have many miles filled with joy, beauty and gratefulness  in 2018!

In this issue:
  • TMM membership is FREE
  • Fresh Tracks Snowshoe Race - Feb 25
  • Escape From Prison Hill - April 21
  • TRT Endurance Runs - Lottery Jan 1
  • TRT 100 Race Report - Lyndsey Bednar
  • Athens Marathon Race Report - Mark Struble
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See you out there!


TMM Membership is Free! Please sign up here
As of December 1st, there no longer are membership fees for Tahoe Mountain Milers! You are receiving this newsletter because you may have done a TMM race or you are a current member. If you would like to be a member you can sign up on ultrasignup - here.
We have decided to waive all fees for our current and future members, as a means to increase our membership and list of contacts so that we can promote our races, as well as other races in the area; and boost our volunteer numbers.  All members will still receive the e-newsletter, notifications of races, events, board meetings, and socials, and receive membership to RRCA. 

However, there will be some changes:
All members who come out to volunteer at any of our races, club events, or aid stations supporting other races will be eligible to receive discounts toward races for that calendar year.  Volunteering is fun and it gives back to the community!  We would love to have all our members smiling faces at our events and other local events we are involved in!
All members who participate in group runs, volunteering at races/events, or attend club socials and/or board meetings will receive club swag.  We are trying to increase participation amongst our membership and would love to have everyone come out!  In return, we will give you some club swag!
This hasn't changed, but we wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the volunteer qualifications to be eligible for the drawing of our one Western States Ticket.
  • Must have a Western States Qualifier
  • Must volunteer at our Western States aid station (Lyon Ridge)
  • Must volunteer at either our aid station at Silver State 50/50 or volunteer at TRT
  • Must volunteer at either Escape from Prison Hill or the Kokanee Trail Runs
We look forward to 2018 and increasing our membership and community involvement!  Thank you for being a part!
Fresh Tracks - Snow Shoe 5K set for February 25
TMM's annual snow shoe 5K is perfect for the beginner or experienced snow shoer. This is a popular family event. A bbq of hot dogs, baked beans and brauts serves as a nice reward after your "shoe".
Mark your calendar and register here.
Escape From Prison Hill April 21, 2018 Registration opens January 7
The Half Marathon offers all of the winding single track, scenic vistas and vertical climbs of an ultra-distance race. It's a challenging 13 miles. The 10K is very difficult with a 900 foot climb right at the start! And the 5K offers a challenging 700 feet of climb for an easier trail race.
This race is becoming one of the most popular trail half marathons around. Mark your calendar and get registered on ultrasignup!
Half marathon - $60
10K - $40
5K - $30
Youth (12 & under) - $10 for all distances
Update about the TRT Endurance Runs
The TRTER registration closed on December 17. It was the largest registration in the TRT's history with more than 830 registered for the lottery, according to George Ruiz, RD. There will be large wait lists for the 50 mile and 55K races. 
The lottery will take place on New Year's Day. 
In the mean time, please enjoy Lyndsey's 100 mile race report from 2017:
It's been over 2 months since the TRT 100 and it has also been over 2 months since I have gone for a run. I'm not sure which one has been harder! As I reflect back on that day, one moment comes flashing back so vividly to my mind I can feel those emotions; Tunnel Creek, mile 35. But to get to that point, it all started somewhere...
The advantage of running a race close to home is that you can wake up and do your normal routine in the comforts of your own home. I woke up to my alarm at 3:30 and began to prepare for a journey that I am just now starting to wrap my head around. I ate my usual peanut butter toast and oatmeal, made some hot tea, gathered all of my race gear (or so I thought) and drove off into the darkness towards Spooner Summit. I pulled into the lot, excited because I had such a good parking spot and walked over to the bathrooms. As I was walking up, I looked at the other runners and suddenly realized "I don't have my bib". I laughed to myself and surprisingly, didn't stress or let it phase me.  
I gathered my bags from the car and made my way to the starting line area to find a new bib. I knew my friend Norah was going to be there and we talked for a moment as she was checking in the other runners and she suggested I go talk to the girls in the finishers lounge. I walked up, let them know I forgot my bib and low and behold... I wasn't the only one! Another man had forgotten his and they ended up making us new ones... no sweat! I pinned it on and was ready to go.  Read more....
Kokanee Race Report by Ken Kasterko, RD
The Kokanee Trail Runs is honored to have two new beneficiary's that joined us this year.  Awaken and Girls on the Run. Awaken conducts outreach and provides direct services to women and girls to help them transition out of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). They help program participants with long-term and emergency needs including basic outreach, mentorship services, counseling, transitional housing, transportation, financial aid for college, legal and medical assistance, drop-in center (detail below) and much more. Girls  on the Run inspire girls to recognize their inner strength and celebrate what makes them one of a kind. Trained coaches lead small teams through research-based curricula which includes dynamic discussions, activities and running games.
This is the 37th running of the Kokanee Trail Runs and this event has been a favorite among the running community for years in the Lake Tahoe Basin. This year's fall colors were absolutely breath taking.  The Half-Marathon, Tadpole Trot, 5k/10k on the shore of Fallen Leaf Lake are one of the many exciting and cultural events that take place during race weekend. With the fall fish festival and the Camp Richardson Octoberfest events on the same weekend it is one of best weekends to be in South Lake Tahoe for a running event. Continue reading...
Group Runs
For all group runs and meet ups, please go to our Run Carson City Facebook Page.  
The running schedule is updated every Monday morning and will include times/days/locations/mileage for each run throughout the week.
Mark Struble ran the Athens Marathon - Here's his race report 
The Athens Marathon  is like no other on Earth.  According to Greek legend, it covers the same ground that the Athenian messenger Phiedippides ran when he brought news of Athenian victory over the Persians at the battlefield of Marathon to the Acropolis in 490 BC.  When you run the Athens Marathon, you run in the very footsteps of the ancients that gave birth to western civilization.
The Athens Marathon 26.2 miles is run entirely on asphalt and is recognized as close to the original marathon course that is possible 2,500 years after the event.  The first twelve kilometers traverse the plain of Marathon where the ancient battle occurred and is just above sea-level. The middle nineteen kilometers are up a very long hill. The final eleven kilometers are rolling downhill through the city of Athens.  The finish line is in Athens' magnificent Panathinaikon Olympic Stadium, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games in 1896 and held again in 2004.  Continue reading...

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