The final section of Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway from Lake Tahoe to Reno is being constructed in the Truckee Canyon, and the trail has changed its name to the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail.
"Many walkers, runners, fishermen and others mistakenly think the trail is only for bicycles," said Janet Phillips, president and founder of the Reno-based group. "We are more inclusive than that."

Phillips said the Tahoe-Pyramid route is not paved outside urban areas, but everywhere else, the trail is on a dirt road or path."After 15 years as a 'bikeway,' the new name is obviously a big change," Phillips added. "But we think it is the right thing to do, as we want everyone to enjoy the trail."

Work has begun on the last segment of trail from Tahoe to Reno. Richard May Construction, of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., recently started on the final two miles of trail west of Floriston, Calif. At a cost of over $2 million, the project is being paid for by government grants and private donations. It is expected to be finished later this year or early next year. 

When complete, riders from Reno will be able ride through the entire canyon to get to Truckee and Lake Tahoe. Phillips said the trail is 80 percent completed. The remaining gaps are east of Sparks.

The Tahoe-Pyramid Trail is a planned route spanning the California-Nevada border from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. The trail is designed to loosely follow the Truckee River, which flows northeasterly between the two lakes. Long portions of the trail are already complete, consisting of a healthy mix of highway shoulder, bike lane, paved pathway, dirt trail and shared road.

In Reno and Sparks, long segments of paved trail are complete, offering scenic views of the Truckee River and access to downtown Reno. Gaps along this stretch can be bridged via on-road routes; refer to the official website for the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail for more information.

Kelly Richmond