Maple Valley Touchdown Boosters Newsletter
Welcome current 8th grade football families! We look forward to having you as part of our Tahoma high school football family next season! This is a sample of the MVTB (Maple Valley Touchdown Boosters) newsletters that you signed up for. You can get updated Tahoma football information from these newsletters as well as the Tahoma Football website (tahomafootball.com)
If you have any questions you can reach us at mvboosters@hotmail.com

*** VOLT ***
We are using a strength and conditioning program called Volt. It’s a new online training program that all athletes at the high school have access to. It has a sports specific training program for our players (including multi-sport athletes).

If your current 8th grader would like to get started with Volt, please send us an e-mail at mvboosters@hotmail.com

It is not required to have access to a weight room which is one of the benefits of this program.  It is on their phone so they can do the workout anywhere they have weights available to them.  There are also body weight options if they don't have access to weights on certain days.

This is NOT a requirement for the players & if they don't have a cell phone it is fine, it is just an opportunity for them to get some pre-season workouts in!
Off-Season Competition Is...

Where all players are divided into small groups with Upperclassmen leading each group.  The groups earn points by completing VOLT workouts, participating in other school sports, team building activities & completing community service.

It is a great bonding opportunity & allows incoming players to meet their future teammates.  All incoming players will be added to groups as we get their information & an older player serving as their Squad Leader will be reaching out to them.

If you would like your player to participate in the Off-Season Competition this year, please e-mail us at mvboosters@hotmail.com  with your players name & cell phone # & we will forward it to Coach Schnaufer to assign your player to a group.

A cell phone # is not required, but it is much easier for upperclassman Squad Leaders to reach out to the players in their group by sending a group text.