Maple Valley Touchdown Boosters Newsletter
Varsity Game
Friday, September 21st
@ Home vs. Kennedy Catholic
Varsity Dinner
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Thank you for your help & support with our one & only fundraiser of the year!  Go BEARS !!!
PB & J Volunteers Needed

Each week the boosters make 440 sandwiches for our players to eat before practice & JV/Freshman games. This is a great volunteering opportunity for working parents who would love to help, but can only help on the weekends due to work demands.

If you are interested in helping ( Sundays at 9:30 a.m.) , please text Lisa Harrison at #206.730.2712 with your name & she will add you to the group text reminder each week.
9th - 12th Grade
  We would like to give each one of you the opportunity to write a personal letter to your special player & let them know how proud you are of them. These letters will be given by the coaches to each player at the same time the week before their last game. We want to give you plenty of time to work on them so please start now.
Letters will be due no later than Monday, October 15th & need to be e-mailed to:   mvboosters@hotmail.com
(Subject Line:  Players First & Last Name - Parent Letter)
The Booster President will be printing the letters & placing them in an envelope specifically for your player to be handed out to them by a coach towards the end of the season.

Sample Letter from Coach Wells to his son:
D'Vaughn Allen,
O.K., Wow! Senior year?! Weren't you just at Meridian playing you're first year of football and hoping to have some success in the 5th quarter? Can you even believe that? I remember back when you were playing with Johnny, Kyle, Chad and the crew, everyone felt so sorry for poor, chubby D'Vaughn. Let's get D'Vaughn a catch, or a basket or a hit, so we all feel better. I told everyone that would listen, you were going to be better than most of these kids once you got to high school. I could see it, if no one else could. I knew you'd be one of our team leaders and a starter eventually. But, never in my wildest dreams did I see your senior year looking like this. One of the strongest guys on our team? Almost medaling in the lift-off? One the best players at your position in the league? A team captain? A 2-year starter? No way. I guess it just goes to show how you have the potential to be and do just about anything. I'm pretty sure I've told you that every year that I've written this letter, but that is on purpose. You are coming to a time in your life where you are going to wonder if you can do everything that you are being asked to do. Can I live on my own? Can I do college? Am I ready to be grown-up? Do I even want to do all of this? When you feel like this, and you will, remember these letters. Remember what you used to be and what you have become. You are a special young man, D'Vaughn. You impact everyone you come into contact with, including me. I coached for 16 years before you came to KW and I now realize it's going to feel weird not having you here next year. I can already feel a hole forming like something is missing. But, I'm not sad about it, cuz I know what it means. You are on your way to starting your life. Enjoy this senior year, son. Create as many memories and experience as many things as you can. I can't wait to see what you are going to become. I love you more than these letters could ever express. Thank you for the last four years.