May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Each week we'll be sharing the events and activities we've been doing in recognition of AAPI heritage. Coming up beginning tomorrow, we start our Tai Chi Sword Basics course that will prepare you for both Tai Chi forms and fencing.
Begins Tomorrow: 8 Week Tai Chi Sword (Taiji Jian) Basics Series

We are really excited to launch an 8-week Tai Chi Straight Sword (Taiji Jian) Basics class series on Tuesdays 7PM - 8PM, beginning tomorrow and ending June 27, taught by Sifu Bob Shannon!

This 8-week basics course series is designed for beginners who want to learn the fundamental techniques and principles of Tai Chi straight sword (jian). Completion of this course series will prepare you to learn more advanced techniques such as specific sword forms and/or sword fencing.

You must register separately for each week's class. You can use your existing class passes or memberships for the class.
Watch Shifu Bob's Tai Chi Sword Basics workshop at the 2023 Southern CT World Tai Chi and Qigong Day:
Sun May 21: Yi Jin Jing Online Workshop
The Yi Jin Jing Tendon Changing Exercises have a rich history, having been developed by Bodhidharma for the Shaolin Temple monks centuries ago. The exercises focus on stretching and strengthening the body's sinews, providing an efficient and effective routine that can serve as a strong foundation for pursuing martial arts and other physical activities.

Please note: If you subscribe to our Patreon at the Stressbender ($10/month) level or higher, you do not need to purchase a workshop ticket to attend the online workshop. Go to and log in to your account to enter the Zoom link directly through Patreon.
Creaky Joints: Why You Should Try Tai Chi for Arthritis
In recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Creaky Joints interviewed me to share why Tai Chi is so good for people suffering from arthritis. As someone who has arthritis in my right knee from my two ACL surgeries, I was happy to share my personal insights.
Connecticut AAPI Small Business Panel
I was honored to help CT's Commission for Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity (CWCSEO) host an AAPI Small Business event as part of the state's AAPI Heritage Month activities. Representatives from SBA and the state gave presentations on programs and resources available to minority owned businesses. I gave the key note and moderated the small business panel.
Aiping Tai Chi Center is a proud member of