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256 years ago on December 16th, 1773, American colonists dumped over 340 chests of imported tea into the Boston Harbor in protest of Britain's "Taxation without Representation", effectively sparking the beginning of the American Revolution!
Encyclopedia of the United States Cabinet
New Third Edition
In the almost ten years since the last edition of this book, not only have there been two new presidential administrations, but the political climate in the country has been unlike any previous decade. As we forge ahead into the third decade of the 21st century, questions about the executive branch and the role of presidential advisers are tremendously important. How was the cabinet conceived? What are the job descriptions of these top-level individuals? Are some cabinets more effective than others? These questions, along with an incredible amount of detailed information on all 617 cabinet members from George Washington to Donald Trump make this third edition a must for all researchers and students of United States history, political science, and the government. This new edition is a must for public libraries, university libraries, and all political science collections.
Pub. Date: October 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64265-099-0
Price: $275
Includes free online access
on Salem Online
“Most academic libraries will find it indispensable for history and political science students and faculty." – Booklist
Each chapter includes:
  • Historical Snapshots to help set the historical stage for the reader.
  • Cabinet Essays that describe what influenced the president’s choice and how well the cabinet worked as a team.
  • Cabinet Member Biographies which include family history, and positions held before being named to the cabinet.
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Pub. Date: August 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64265-097-6
Price: $255
Includes free online access on GOLD
“A well-researched, skillfully organized reference on American women's influence on public life. Recommended for all public and academic libraries." – Library Journal
From Suffrage to the Senate, 4th Edition
This dynamic two-volume reference work explores American women’s path to political power and social equality from the struggle for the right to vote and the abolition of slavery to the first African American woman in the U.S. Senate and beyond.
Features of this fourth edition include:
  • Updates include 2018 election results and more than 50 new entries
  • New information on a wide range of important court cases and legislation
  • One third of entries cover court cases, organizations, movements, and social issues relevant to American political women
  • Over 900 in-depth biographies
  • Expanded primary documents section including over 60 primary sources
  • Original documents are referenced in relevant entries throughout the two volumes
  • Detailed Facts & Statistics section provides important contextual background
  • An Historical Timeline places articles in chronological sequence that adds more context to research
  • A rich Bibliography guides future research
With an emphasis on modern pioneers from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds such as Kristen Gillibrand, Barbara Comstock, Maxine Waters, Nikki Haley, Pramila Jayapal, Lisa Murkowski, and Kamala Harris,  From Suffrage to the Senate  covers individuals, organizations, movements, publications, milestones, legislative victories, and court cases that have changed the face of American politics.

This up-to-date reference will be a must-purchase for women’s studies departments, high schools and public libraries and will be a handy reference for those researching the key players in women’s politics, past and present.
The Religious Right & American Politics
Timely and unbiased, this new fourth edition explores the influence of religion on legislation and society, while examining the alignment of the religious right with the political right. This fourth edition features several updates and expansions, making it the most comprehensive edition to-date.

New and updated features include:
  • An introductory essay: "The Religious Right in America"
  • An Historical Timeline: from 1835 and completely updated through 2019
  • Biographical Profiles: over 50 up-to-date biographies, with photos
  • Survey Data & Analysis: an in-depth breakdown of charts, tables, and rankings, that takes the latest social survey data available and provides insight and analysis
  • Expanded Primary Documents and Quotations: offers over 20 full-length primary documents and nearly 40 quotations
  • Organizations: provides careful write-ups and contact information for organizations affiliated with the religious right and those opposing it
  • Suggested Readings, Multimedia Resources, Glossary & Subject Index
Pub. Date: December 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64265-107-2
Price: $165
Includes Free Online Access
on Salem Online
“For patrons, there is no reference tool like it; and for librarians, the suggested readings and selected multimedia resources annotated lists will be invaluable." – ARBA
The Religious Right & American Politics is a thorough and comprehensive compendium of biographies, organizations, opinions and resources related to the religious right and its influence on American society, politics, and religious thought and discussion. This thorough reference resource will be a valuable addition to any library and will enrich any curriculum, whether taught by a university religious studies department or a high school American history teacher.

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