August 4, 2022


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AAI Atrazine Listening Session - Aug 15

Get Information, Provide Input

The Agribusiness Association of Iowa is inviting you to an atrazine listening session.

AAI Atrazine Listening Session (via Zoom)

August 15, 2022

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Registration Required - Click Here to Register via Zoom

Additional Details

The US EPA recently announced a revised registration for atrazine with additional label mitigation measures. The listening session will provide:

  • Information about atrazine restrictions from the Triazine Network
  • Details about AAI’s plan to engage with EPA
  • Advice on how to submit your own comments to EPA

Most importantly, this is an opportunity for AAI members to provide input on how these restrictions will affect your businesses so your feedback can be incorporated as part of the AAI response to the EPA.

The session will be held virtually via Zoom on Monday, August 15 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Click Here to Register via Zoom

For additional information about this issue: 

View information from the Triazine Network

To submit comments: 

Visit the docket item for this issue

Questions? Contact AAI Environment Director Ben Gleason -

Governor Reynolds announces new statewide broadband map, requests public input 

Governor Reynolds and the Department of Management Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) announced the release of a new broadband map of Iowa, reporting the conditions of broadband availability in accordance with federal grant guidelines at over 1 million locations throughout the state.

View the map here:

Iowa Broadband Map

The new map provides a more detailed view than prior maps, identifying the broadband service available at homes and businesses across Iowa as reported by broadband providers. Locations with slower broadband speeds – defined by relevant federal guidelines to be slower than 100 upload/20 download – may be eligible for future grant funding opportunities issued by Governor Reynolds’ Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Program.  

“We are making important progress to connect all Iowans to high-speed broadband, but many communities remain unserved,” said Gov. Reynolds. “Today, I’m asking all Iowans to visit the broadband map and let us know if the broadband service reported at their location is inaccurate. This feedback will help us to direct resources to areas with the greatest need for broadband investment in the future.” 

The publication of the map commences a 30-day challenge process where the public, broadband providers, and communities throughout Iowa can submit information to the OCIO wherever they believe the map incorrectly reports broadband service data. The 30-days ends August 31, 2022.

The link below provides instructions on how to challenge the map. Instructions include videos, guides, and templates to assist members of the public, broadband providers, and communities who wish to submit a challenge.

Click Here for instructions for challenging the map

Challengers may also e-mail for assistance and questions.

Leadership Academy Completes D.C. Visit

Members of the Iowa Agribusiness Leadership Academy from 2020 & 2022 travelled to Washington D.C. as part of the leadership program. The members, along with AAI CEO Bill Northey, interacted with various groups including legislators, government agencies, and national agribusiness groups.

Interested in sending an employee to or participating in the next Agribusiness Leadership Academy? Contact Sally Thompson -

Summer Isn't Over

(until the last golf outing)

Register your team (or yourself) today for the September 7 golf outing at the Amana Colonies Golf Club.


Register today to reserve your spot. Join your fellow agribusiness peers for a fantastic day in eastern Iowa, plus enjoy the following benefits:


  • Four Hole In One opportunities! Win cash or prizes!
  • Complimentary soft drinks and snacks on the course
  • Delicious lunch
  • Entry into prize raffle (lots of prizes, including a Titleist Golf Bag and a Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit)
  • Prizes for the longest and closest shots
  • Trophy and prizes for the winning team


Plus, you'll have a special opportunity to interact with CEO Bill Northey and members of the AAI Board of directors.

AAI Golf Outings

July 21

Emerald Hills Golf Course - Okoboji, Iowa

September 7

Amana Colonies Golf Club - Amana, Iowa

2022 Golf Sponsors



August 24 - 6 Seats Still Open

Grain Grading Workshops

August 23 & 24


Zeigler CAT

1500 Ziegler Dr NW

Altoona, Iowa

Participant Fees:

AAI Member - $130

Non-Member - $155


Did Your Schedule Open Up? Forgot to Register?

Three Seats Remaining


Advanced Grain Elevator Operations Management Short Course

August 8 – 11, 2022

Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture

Student Learning Center

2508 Mortensen Road |  Ames, Iowa

Course Tuition:

AAI Member - $1050 | Non-Member - $1200

Click Here for Additional Course Information

AAI Out & About

Meetings and events attended by AAI:

National Strip-Tillage Conference - Iowa City

Membership Director Reilly Vaughan

Prairie Strips & Cover Crops Field Day - Des Moines Water Works

INREC Executive Director Ben Gleason


AAI Main Office closes at Noon on Fridays through Labor Day

August 8-11

IGQI-AAI Advanced Grain Elevator Operations

Management Short Course

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

August 15

AAI Atrazine Listening Session

8:00 AM | Via Zoom

August 23

Legislative Committee Meeting

10:00 AM | AAI Board Room

August 23 & 24

Grain Grading Workshops

Zeigler CAT | Altoona, Iowa

August 25 & 26

Agribusiness Leadership Academy

AAI Home Office

August 29

Joint Transportation & Grain Committees Meeting

10:00 AM | AAI Board Room

September 5

AAI Offices Closed for Labor Day Holiday

September 7

AAI Golf Outing - Amana Colonies

Amana, Iowa | Click Here to Register

September 8

AAI Board of Directors Meeting

Amana, Iowa


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Senate overwhelmingly passes WRDA

Source: Feedstuffs

The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass the Water Resources Development Act by a vote of 93-1. The WRDA bill includes important provisions for modernizing the U.S. waterways infrastructure and praised by agricultural groups. 

Congress has passed a WRDA every two years since 2014. The legislation provides stakeholders with the opportunity to address important navigation, ecosystem and flood protection issues critical to American industries and communities. Building on the progress of WRDA 2020, Section 103 of the Senate’s WRDA 2022 amends the cost-share for inland waterway projects to 75% general Treasury funds and 25% from the Inland Waterways Trust Fund. 

This cost-share ratio change was the American Soybean Association’s top priority in the legislation. Cost share allocation changes for inland waterways projects often reduce overall project costs and allow projects to be completed faster—allowing communities and industries to realize the economic benefits of a project more quickly.

In June, the House of Representatives passed its version of WRDA by a vote of 384-37. This bill did not include the same adjustment to the cost-share allocations for IWTF projects. The House and Senate will now begin conference negotiations to reconcile the differences between the two bills.

“This permanent cost-share change would expedite the modernization of U.S. inland waterways and bolster the ability of NGFA members to fulfill their role in the agricultural value chain to serve American farmers and domestic and global customers,” says National Grain and Feed Association President and CEO Mike Seyfert. 

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Ukrainian Ship Carrying 26,527 MT of Corn Left Ukraine For First Time Since War Started

Source: AgWeb

For first time since start of war, a ship with grain left Odesa. The ship, the Razoni, which weighed anchor at the port of Odesa, was led by a government vessel through mines that had been laid by Ukrainian forces to forestall any attempt by Moscow to launch an amphibious assault on Odesa.

A rescue ship followed and Russia’s Navy, which controls the Black Sea, granted safe passage. The Razoni was carrying 26,527 metric tons of corn, the United Nations said. The vessel had been stuck in port since Feb. 18, before the start of the war.

The shipment news comes just a day after Ukraine confirmed Oleksiy Vadatursky, Ukraine grain tycoon, was killed in Russian shelling of Mykolaiv. He was killed with his wife in a "massive" Russian shelling of the southern city of Mykolaiv. They died when a missile hit their home overnight, local officials said.

Vadatursky owned Nibulon, a company involved in grain exports. Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described Vadatursky's death as a great loss. Mykolaiv is on the main route to Odesa, Ukraine's biggest port on the Black Sea, and has been hit repeatedly since Russia launched its invasion on 24 February. An adviser to President Zelensky's office said he believed Russia had deliberately targeted the businessman. Mykhailo Podolyak said one of the missiles had hit the businessman's bedroom, adding that this left "no doubt" it had been guided.

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Senate Deal Boosts Climate-Smart Ag

Source: Progressive Farmer

Farmers will see an injection of $20 billion in funds for climate-smart agricultural practices to help lower emissions from agriculture under the climate deal reached by Senate Democrats on Wednesday.

Farmers and rural landowners also will see a greater push over the next eight years from developers of solar and wind projects -- and likely carbon pipelines -- as well as those projects seeking to capture billions in tax incentives.

Along with that, biofuel companies also will see more incentives through tax credits and grants to build out more renewable fuel infrastructure, especially to develop sustainable aviation fuels.

Those are a few of the key areas for agriculture and rural America in a deal struck by Senate Democrats for a $739 billion package reached between Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. Like multiple "deals" over the past two years, the agreement still demands every Senate Democrat fall in line for a possible vote that has yet to happen.

Republican opposition would likely be unanimous in the Senate, even though senators up for reelection, such as Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, have been among the biggest advocates for expanding biofuels and tax credits for wind energy.

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Belgian farmer says pigs prefer dance songs over rock n’ roll

Source: Ag Daily

Belgian pig farmer Piet Paesman says his pigs are connoisseurs of sorts when it comes to “jolly good dance songs,” and now, researchers are investing over $76,000 in finding out more. Paesman’s 10-year-old son started singing a song during a long and unexciting artificial insemination session, and immediately, the pig’s tails started wagging, and their ears pricked to listen.

Inspired by his sow’s reaction, Paesman has created music playlists for his other pigs. Paying particular attention to the type of music he’s playing, Paesman says that selection is critical. Some music is played to induce exercise and reduce boredom, while lullabies are perfect for when it’s time for the piggies to go to bed.

Beyond improving his pig’s quality of life, Paesman also believes that a good tune enhances the quality of the pork he produces. Except rock music, which he says they don’t like — it stresses them out.

According to Reuters, Paesman’s observations have inspired a team of researchers to secure funds to explore further the sounds that affect pigs. So far, the researchers have secured the equivalent of about $76,770 to investigate the farmer’s claims.

While there’s no doubt that outside stimulus can affect animals and that reducing stress is vital in any agricultural animal setting, music might be a contributor to healthier, happier pigs. Farmers already provide enrichment material to reduce stress through boredom — scientists believe music might be another stimulus to provide enrichment.

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