December 28 , 2017
A five-minute summary of AAI, regulation, and industry activities for members of the largest state agribusiness association in the nation.
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Dicamba Training Requirements Issued by IDALS

The state of Iowa has begun issuing Special Local Needs registrations for modern formulations of dicamba products. This allows the approval of training materials for pesticides compatible with dicamba resistant  Round Up Ready 2 Xtend  soybeans.
Dicamba-based products require additional training beyond the regular Commercial Pesticide Applicator certification and renewal process. The additional training will include the following topics:
  1. New Use Pattern for Dicamba-Tolerant Soybeans
  2. Application Requirements to include Wind Speed and Direction, and Use of a Buffer
  3. Temperature Inversions
  4. Changes in Record-Keeping Requirements
  5. Sprayer Tank Clean-Out
  6. Off Target Movement
The State Pesticide Bureau expects to begin seeing submission of training session dates for additional auxin-specific (dicamba) training during the first week of 2018.

More information will be made available to applicators at   as training sessions are scheduled and updated information becomes available. 

Congrats to Our 2017 Annual Photo Contest Winner!
"Sun Goes Down Another Day" by Shelley Hauschel, Urbandale, IA

Shelley Hauschel from Urbandale, IA won the overall spot in the 2017 annual photo contest! Her "Sun Goes Down Another Day" won the overall title and 1st place in the Retailer/Coop Category. 

Other category winners

Check out all the 2017 entries on Facebook hereThe overall winner and category winners are featured in the 2017 FY Annual Report, which is published each January. 



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Social Networks Play Integral Role In Conservation Practice Adoption

Research shows that to meet the goals of the  Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy , Iowa farmers will need to increase use of a diverse array of appropriate nutrient management and other conservation practices. However, most soil and water conservation practice research focuses on single practices (e.g., cover crops). Research from Iowa State University published this week in the  Journal of Extension  examines factors that influence Iowa farmers' simultaneous use of multiple practices. The primary finding was that farmers who are more engaged in agricultural social networks tend to adopt more diverse nutrient management practices.

The article, " Understanding Predictors of Nutrient Management Practice Diversity in Midwestern Agriculture ," co-authored by Hanna Bates, Program Assistant at the Iowa Water Center at Iowa State University and J. Arbuckle, Iowa State University Extension Sociologist, draws on data from the  2012 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll . The research examined relationships between information format preferences, information sources, farm organization involvement, and opinion leadership and farmers' use of diverse nutrient management practices. Read More

Cellulosic Ethanol Push Stalls in Midwest Amid Financial, Technical Challenges
by: Successful Farming

Advanced biofuels have been touted as the next step beyond the corn-based ethanol that's the bulk of the country's renewable fuel for cars and trucks. These next-generation options were supposed to bring jobs to rural communities and provide farmers with fresh revenue sources, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles.

Nearly a decade of federal incentives encouraged companies to invest in cellulosic technology, which produces ethanol from crop waste such as stalks, cobs, and leaves left on fields after harvest, and at least three plants were built in the Midwest since 2014. Read More

Ag Economist: RIN Cap Would Have 'Dramatic' Impact on RFS Volumes

University of Illinois ag economist Scott Irwin says Texas Senator Ted Cruz's proposal to cap the price of biofuel credits-or RINs-at ten cents would have a "dramatic" impact on Renewable Fuel Standard volumes.

It would be especially devastating for the biodiesel industry, Irwin says.  "My quick calculations indicate that a ten cent RIN cap would shut down the entire U.S. biodiesel industry," Irwin says. "I don't know how to get more dramatic than that." Read More

Grassley Meets With NAFTA Negotiators
by: Agribusiness Report
Key trade and ag senators like Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley met with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer this week to get an update on that.

Grassley says there are concerns within Washington that the White House will pull out of the trade deal, "So, they're talking about prices dropping then, and what would the government do to support prices. That is language no farmer wants to hear. A farmer wants to get their money from the marketplace. Not from the government treasury." Read More

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