Ministry highlights of
Sugar Creek Bible Camp
February 2021 Volume 2, Issue II
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At Sugar Creek, we welcome all ages and family makeups for family camp.
Our program is designed to have intentional, FUN, faith-forming, family time.

The flexible schedule allows you to pick and choose from a wide variety of fun activities.
Our dynamic staff host your family and lead games, crafts, hiking, swimming, evening programs, campfires, horseback or pony rides and more!

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In Your Own Words...
From Camper to Staff Member to Volunteer and Board Member
It is so good to connect with you in this way. My name is Ellie Davis and like so many of you, Sugar Creek Bible Camp means a lot to me. Sugar Creek truly has formed who I am today and, for that reason, I am so glad that I get to continue to be a part of this faith community.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors--something I had never considered doing until camp's bookkeeper, Sheila Champlin, planted a seed in me by saying, “You know Ellie, you could serve on the Board of Directors.” She has a special way of helping people believe in themselves. 

My journey with Sugar Creek started in elementary school when I attended Day Camp through my home church, Grace Lutheran in Dodgeville. My first summer as a camper at Sugar Creek was in 2006--I was a Wagoneer. My family sent me to Sugar Creek because of how much I had loved Day Camp, which is a testament to how special and invaluable our Day Camp ministry is.

Every summer, from 2006 to 2012, I looked forward to the drive to Sugar Creek and
my week away in the valley as a camper. Those years truly had a formative and everlasting impact on me. In 2008, as a Settler, I told my counselor that I was going
to be a Sugar Creek counselor someday
and she immediately encouraged me.
Ellie served as a camp counselor
in a variety of programs and on
leadership staff at Sugar Creek.

 I held true to my promise and served on summer staff in 2014, 2015, and 2016 in the roles of Counselor, Village Leader, and Assistant Program Director. Those three years on Summer Staff were three summers full of immense joy, fatigue, growth, love, community and learning about myself and others. My experiences as a camper and staff member truly affect the way I conduct myself in my personal and professional life today.

I love being a Board Member now. I am glad to make decisions to ensure others will have the same life-changing experiences I had. I love staying connected to the campers, counselors, colleagues, staff members, and volunteers who have helped me grow as a person. I am glad that I can foster the ministry in this Holy Place to ensure it continues on. 

With God’s love, 
Ellie Davis
Riverboaters was one of the
many summer camp programs
Ellie (left) enjoyed as a camper.
Just some of the lifelong friendships Ellie formed while serving on summer camp staff.
Middle School Spanish Teacher, SCBC Board Member and Volunteer... Ellie Davis
Summer Staff...
the job of a lifetime!
Do you, or does someone you know, want to spend a Summer in a tight-knit Christian community? Come work at Sugar Creek Bible Camp and serve as a role model to hundreds of youth this Summer, bringing them the Gospel message of hope and love!

Working at Sugar Creek will help you grow in leadership, self-confidence, and faith, all while creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. We offer a variety of positions to match your unique gifts for ministry. Don’t miss out on this chance to provide life-changing and faith-building experiences to our campers this Summer.

Applications now open!
Why do the Trees Look Frosted?

This winter we have been particularly blessed with several days where everything around us looked as though it were iced by our Creator. Many of us were quick to take some pictures to try and capture the splendor of the earth around us. But just what caused this marvelous effect?

What we experienced in early
January is known as Rime Ice. Rime Ice often happens when there is dense fog in winter time conditions. Supercooled, liquid water drops in the air come in contact with surfaces which are at below freezing temperatures. The water droplets freeze on contact with the various surfaces they touch.

Sometimes Rime Ice is confused with Hoarfrost. Hoarfrost is a little like winter time dew. Water vapor, which is actually a gas, freezes directly onto a surface which is below the freezing point. The vapor actually skips the liquid phase of water as it goes directly to a frozen state.

Both weather situations create breathtaking effects! The picture shown here captured by Camp Director, Jesse Klosterboer, shows a breathtaking view of Sugar Creek's valley and bluffs covered in Rime Ice.

Psalm 104:16-17, 24
The trees of the LORD are watered abundantly, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted. In them the birds build their nests; the stork has its home in the fir trees. O LORD, how manifold are your works!
In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.
Blessed to be a Blessing
Small Church, Big Heart:
West Koshkonong Lutheran Church

West Koshkonong is a 176 year old small rural congregation in Dane county. They are an aging congregation, with no debt, and well-planned assets in their endowment fund.

In studying the parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) the congregation was challenged to discuss where they see themselves in this parable.

After conversations within the council, finance team, and endowment committee, the leadership of the congregation acted to utilize their endowment fund to support ministry being impacted by COVID 19 and Systemic Racism.

In 2020 over $30,000 in grants from West Koshkonong Lutheran Church were distributed to 5 local food shelves; 2 area non-profits benefitting local school children and their needs; 3 ministries in Milwaukee and Madison working to bring an end to systemic racism; and 2 Lutheran Bible Camps in southern Wisconsin.

Sugar Creek Bible Camp was one of the recipients, receiving a preliminary gift of $200, followed by a grant of $4,000.
Thank you, members of
West Koshkonong, for sharing your
blessings with Sugar Creek!
Grateful! Thankful! Blessed!
Memorials and Honorariums...
are one of many ways to support Sugar Creek. Thank you to all of you who remembered or honored friends and loved ones with a gift to this Bible Camp ministry.

Donors and Sustaining Givers...
Sugar Creek Bible Camp is blessed to have monthly supporters, known as Sustaining Givers, as well as regular Congregational Supporters (benevolence) and Individual Donors.

These gifts were received from December 19, 2020 to January 19, 2021.
Donations received after Jan 19 will be recognized in our next newsletter.
In Honor of Given by

Bishop Jim Arends DeSoto Lutheran Church
Bishop Jim Arends Shirley Etrheim
Bishop Jim Arends Dixie Forsberg
Bishop Jim Arends Pastor Donald & Elizabeth Fox
Bishop Jim Arends Pastor Steve & Stacey Meyer
Bishop Jim Arends Pastor Kristine & Thomas Fahey
Bishop Jim Arends Peace Lutheran Church
Bishop Jim Arends St. Peter's ELC
Kara James Lori Taylor
Pastor Lori & Gregg Kleppe Margie Grimsled
Carol Navrestad's 90th - Gene & Ruth Schriefer
George & Carol Navrestad - Gene & Ruth Schriefer
Pastor Mark Solyst English Lutheran Church
Andy Swanson Dana Swanson

In Memory of Given by

Jeff Buckmaster Mary Daines
Arleen Buros Jerry & Diane Buros
David Chellevold Bob & Sally Severson
Judith Chute Richard & Barbara Anderson
Kristi Connelly Mary Daines
Kristi Iverson Connelly Ron Iverson
Kristi Iverson Connelly George & Carol Navrestad
Rev. Gary Daines Mary Daines
Rev. Gary Daines Family and Friends
Rev. Gary Daines Chuck Flock
Rev. Gary Daines Richard & Lynette Getter
Rev. Gary Daines Howard Jaynes
Rev. Gary Daines Rebecca Koscik
Todd Durian Kathryn Erickson
Todd Durian Tom & Cindy Gruesser
Todd Durian The Kalchelmeier Family
Todd Durian Keith & Kyle Mug
Todd Durian Josh & Katie Mader
Todd Durian Betsy Wyatt
Dennis Enloe Rand & Cheryl Kuenzi
Lance Glasbrenner Suzanne Bartels
James Heinecke Gretchen Beckstrom
James Heinecke Joyce Wichelt
Adrian Hoffland Michael & Brenda Sherry
Judy Hurda Rand & Cheryl Kuenzi
Bill & Carol Ilstrup Jeff Ilstrup
David Jackson Gladys Lee
John Kahl Helen Kahl
Fern Kleppe Paul & Dori Arena
Fern Kleppe Roger & Sheila Champlin
Fern Kleppe Margie Grimsled
Fern Kleppe Sally Sletten
Butch Kuenzi Rand & Cheryl Kuenzi
Dale Larsen Rand & Cheryl Kuenzi
Jeneane Mahr Sonja Moe
Pam Maykut Sally Sletten
Harvey Olson Mary Daines
Harvey Olson John & Naomi Stennes-Spidahl
Marilyn Ford Olson Sharon Scholze
Marilyn Olson Doc & Jan Brudos
Marilyn Olson Helen Halverson
Marilyn Olson Willard Halverson
Marilyn Olson James & Kay Nelson
Marilyn Olson Sigurd Olson Family
Gene Schmeckpepa Gladys Lee
Philip Sherry Gary & Marsha Vance
John & Jeanette Veldy Lynn Luckasson
Don Wallace Verna Wallace
Joan Ziegles Gladys Lee

Sustaining (monthly) Givers

Peter & Joan Allen
Bishop Jim & Lynn Arends
Kevin & Betty Baird
Kjell Bakken
Elizabeth Davis
Michael Douglass II
Bryce & Katie Griffin
Meredith Hink
Shirley Hummel
Pastor Joe & Brianna Iverson
Kyle Jaeger & Laura Mackey
Samantha Johnson
Daniel Kirschbaum & Jonathan Tippetts
Gregg & Pastor Lori Kleppe
Kyle Jaeger & Laura Mackey
Pastor Steve & Stacey Meyer
Kate Moody
Charles & Tiana Montgomery
Roxann Nedrelo
Alice Olson
Wayne & Karen Sherry
John & Nancy Solberg
Pastor Jason & Carla Stanton
Lavonne Swiggum
Pastor Eric & Megan Thiele

Congregational Donors

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
DeSoto Lutheran Church
English Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church - Mt. Horeb
First English Lutheran Church
First Lutheran Church - Onalaska
Fish Creek Ridge Lutheran Church
Five Points Lutheran Church
Freeman Lutheran Church
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - La Crosse
Grace Lutheran Church - Darlington
Grace Lutheran Church - Dodgeville
Grace Lutheran Church - Elroy
Holmen Lutheran Church
Immanuel Lutheran Church - Caledonia, MN
Immanuel Lutheran Church - Viroqua
Lewis Valley Lutheran Church
Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church of Peace
Middle Coon Valley Lutheran Church
Mindoro Lutheran Church
New Hope Lutheran Church
North Beaver Creek Lutheran Church
North Coon Prairie Lutheran Church
Otter Creek Lutheran Church
Our Savior's Lutheran Church - La Crosse
Our Savior's Lutheran Church - West Salem
Our Savior's Lutheran Church - Westby
Peace Lutheran Church - Readstown
Peace Lutheran Church - Tomah
Perry Lutheran Church
Portland Lutheran Church
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
St. John's Lutheran Church - Oregon
St. John's Lutheran Church - Lakeville, MN
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church - PdC
St. Peter Lutheran Church - Fennimore
Trinity Lutheran Church - Sparta
Utica Lutheran Church
Vermont Lutheran Church
West Blue Mounds Lutheran
West Koshkonong Lutheran Church
Wesby Coon Prairie Lutheran Church
Zion Lutheran Church - Galesville
Zion Lutheran Church - Reedsburg

La Crosse Area Synod of the ELCA

W-ELCA Donors

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
First English Lutheran Church
Five Points Lutheran Church
Grace Lutheran Church - Dodgeville
La Crosse Area Synod of the ELCA
Lewis Valley Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church of Peace
Mindoro Lutheran Church
Our Savior's Lutheran Church - La Crosse
Peace Lutheran Church
Perry Lutheran Church
Vermont Lutheran Church

Individual Donors
Vivian Achenbach
Mary Allness Philips
Keith & Nancy Anderson
Justin & Kristin Arndt
Alton Ask
Pastor David & Ruth Assmus
Paul Bahr
Pastors Eric & Ramie Bakken
Suzanne Bartels
Alice Baumer
Jack & Joanne Benning
Morrion & Valborg Berg
La Verne D. Bjerke
Larry & Connie Blunck
Pastor Harald Bringsjord
Delores Bonney
George & Judy Brockman
Carla Burkhardt
Bob Burzinksi
Edwin & Barbara Burrell
Karen Campbell
Lisa Caya
Roger & Sheila Champlin
Carol Chroniger
Tom & Florence Collins
Karen Craig
Ardell Daffinrud
Linda Dahl
Tom & Rachele Danielson
Jean Davis
Tim & Barbara Deis
Kent Drugan
Karen Duhr
Ed & Diane Eisermann
Ronald Ellefson
Sarah Ellingson
Shirley Etrheim
Dennis Every
Donald Fetting
Mark & Roxanna Flaten
Dixie Forsberg
Ted Glasbrenner
Pastor Greg & Amy Geier
Paul Graham & Kelly Debnam
Duane & Ruby Granger
Becky Griswold
Bryce & Katie Griffin
Sarah Gunn
Rick & Patty Hamann
Carl & Ardith Hansen
Shirley Hanson
Tom & Judy Harkner
Trish Harman
Pat Harris
Gwen Hatfield
Ronald & Pauline Haug
Richard & Cleo Hendricksen
James & Susan Hermes
Jon Hetland
Jeffrey Hipenbecker
Beverly Hoege
Judy Hoffman
Chuck & Pat Hogan
Tamra Hull
Marilyn Huset
Mark Hutson
Norman & Carol Hyer
Shirley Hyer
Pastor Kathy Ingbritsen & Thom Hunt
Pastor Joe Irvin & Suzy Tegge
Phyllis Iverson
Kyle Jaeger & Laura Mackey
Holli Johnson
Kent & Lee Johnson
Steven Jones
Sarah Kacheimeir
David & Kathryn Kieckhafer
Gregg & Pastor Lori Kleppe
Ralph & Audrey Kleppe
Roger & Jean Klousia
Susan Kortness-Staples
Kim Kozelka
John Kraemer
Cathy Leahy
Gladys Lee
Fred & Joni Leer
Scott Lien
Leroy & Darlene Lindeman
Peter Linnert
Virginia Luckasson
Ray & Sue Lux
Donald & Vicki Marish
Jeff & Cathy Mark
Tim & Ann Marty
Joe & Robbie Mason
Darlene Matchey
Troy McKay & Fran Felton
Pastor Steve & Stacey Meyer
Carol Miller
Duane & Laura Miller
Ronald Moilien
MJ Morishita
Larry Morris
Rachel Mueller
Katherine Nasseth
Anthony Nemes
Le Roy Niedfelt
Dennis O'Brien
Anna Ohlrogge
David Olson
Norma Olson
Ole Olson
Don & Marquerite Parrell
Peter & Jane Petersilie
Bonnie Peterson
Paul & Carolyn Peterson
Sharon Pfaff
Gerald & Dianne Poe
Daniel & Karen Powell
Ron & Kathy Quamme
Arnold & Francine Rask
Jeanette Reit
George Renner
Michael Rider
Paul & Patricia Roelli
Marvin Rupp
JoAnn Salava
John Samuelson
Dean & Jackie Saner
Warren Schaefer
Kevin Schlicht
Bea Schmitz
Shirley Schoenfeld
Albin & Joyce Schreier
Harriet Schroeder
Kathryn Schroeder
Stephanie Schuldt
Bob & Sally Severson
Dave Siefkes
Ken & Amy Sinner
Sally Sletten
Wayne & Connie Slotten
Maureen Smith
Joyce Solverson
Roger & Carolyn Sorenson
James & Kathleen Steele
Gordon & Diane Stewart
Shawn & Amy Stoffregen
Nick & Carol Stolte
Doug & Kari Strandell
Jim & Bonnie Thoftne
Thor & Alice Thorson
Tootie Ties
Douglas & Karen Traastad
Gene & Karalee Turk
Pastor John & Diane Twiton
Bill & Caty Udelhofen
Judy Ulland
Jon Urness
Lois Ursin
Ron & Marie Venden
Gregory Vodak
Michael Wall
John & Jean Walleser
Cindy Weber
Bruce Wegner
Larry Wiggert
Jean Willinger
Susan Wise
Joann Witchow
Karla Yahnke
Agnes Zawada
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