Ministry highlights of
Sugar Creek Bible Camp
April 2021 Volume 2, Issue IV
Spring is a spectacular season
at Sugar Creek Bible Camp!
The valley comes alive with beautiful new growth, in perfect time to celebrate our Savior's resurrection!

Read all about our exciting,
new, Spring events in this
month's edition of Currents.
Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch!
Saturday, April 3 - 9 am to 2pm
Hop on over to Sugar Creek to join us in celebrating our Risen Lord, with staff led activities such as a nature hike, devotion, brunch, arts and crafts, pony rides, and an Easter Egg Hunt!

  • 9am: Arrive
  • 9:30am: Staff-led Hike and Easter Devotion
  • 10:30am: Brunch-served 'til Noon
  • 11am: Open Activities: Egg Painting, Bracelet Making, Pony & Wagon Rides, Explore!
  • 12:15pm: Easter Egg Hunt!
  • 1pm: Open Activities Available
  • 2pm: Farewell
  • Egg Hunt & Activities: $5/child
  • Brunch: $10/person (5 & older)
  • Brunch: Free for 4 & under

Visit our Event webpage for further details and to register online.
"He is not here; He has risen, just as he said." Matthew 28:6
In Your Own Words...
Campers tell it like it is this month
In Their Own Words...
These quotes are from Sugar Creek Campers. Come and see why kids say great things about their camp experiences!

What will you remember about your counselor(s)?
  • "My counselor was super upbeat and happy...24/7!
  • "He helped me grow in my faith."
  • "They love to laugh!"
  • "My counselor was funny, nice, and cared for everyone!"

How did you grow in your relationship with God?
  • "This week I realized how much more amazing God is which drew me closer to Him!"
  • "When I came to camp my relationship with God needed healing. I was able to fix and grow my relationship with God."
  • "Without my phone, I felt like my connection with God and His creation became even stronger."
  • "I've prayed more than I've ever prayed before!"
What are some things you learned in Bible Study this week?
  • "I learned we should be kind, generous, include others, be just, compassionate and forgiving."
  • "I learned how Jesus died on the cross to save us."
  • "I learned to create a Sacred Space."

What will you remember most about camp?
  • "All the fun I had learning about God."
  • "All the great friends I made."
  • "God is always with you no matter what, and you don't need your devices all the time!"
  • "How kind our whole cabin group was and all of the fun campfires at night!"
  • "EVERYTHING!!!!"

Do you think you'll come back next year?
  • "Heck yeah!"
  • "Duh!"
  • "uhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!"
  • "Yes! Yes! Yes! Infinity!"
Family Getaway Camp - a springtime adventure!
Family Getaway Camp
April 23-25, 2021

There is still time to sign up for the April Spring Family Getaway Camp!
Our dynamic staff hosts your family with crafts, hiking, interactive campfires, horseback rides (pony rides for 7 and under), and more!
Grow your faith in an uplifting, Christian community with campfire worships at night and Bible study during the day.

Put your mind at ease knowing that, as a member of the American Camp Association, we at Sugar Creek hold ourselves to the highest standards in cleaning and safety.

Join us this April and enjoy the beautiful, Springtime splendor of the Sugar Creek Valley with your family and friends.

Click on the button below for additional details and registration information.
Summer Staff...
the job of a lifetime!
Do you, or does someone you know, want to spend a Summer in a tight-knit Christian community? Come work at Sugar Creek Bible Camp and serve as a role model to hundreds of youth this Summer, bringing them the Gospel message of hope and love!

Working at Sugar Creek will help you grow in leadership, self-confidence, and faith, all while creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. We offer a variety of positions to match your unique gifts for ministry. Don’t miss out on this chance to provide life-changing and faith-building experiences to our campers this Summer.
Applications now open!
Captivating Cardinals

At Sugar Creek we are blessed with an abundance of winged visitors of all shapes and sizes. We have bird feeders just outside the large windows of the Retreat Center. Winter time retreat guests often sit by the fire and watch the birds playfully feeding. We keep a field journal or two on hand so that our guests can learn more about the birds they are watching.

The Northern Cardinal, a frequent visitor to our bird feeders, is easily one of the most popular. Cardinals are easily recognized as the bright colors of the male in particular are a stark contrast to the leafless trees of winter and the snow-covered deck.

Male cardinals are bright red with a pointed crest on top of their heads. They look so handsome against the snow and are easy to spot at the feeder or in the trees.
The females have more muted colors, but are lovely as well with a mostly beige-brown body, red on their head, wings, and tail, and a bright, reddish-orange beak. Both the males and females have small black masks around their eyes and bills.

When you come to Sugar Creek, be sure to stop, look and listen, at all of the beautiful birds throughout the valley.

"All things bright and beautiful, All creatures
great and small, All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.
Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings, He made their glowing colours, He
made their tiny wings.
He gave us eyes to see them, And lips that we
might tell, How great is God Almighty, Who has made all things well."
All Things Bright and Beautiful
by Cecil Frances Alexander - 1848
3X Triple Gift Matching
Available Now!
"Triple your Impact" on Bible Camp this month! A generous donor has offered to TRIPLE-MATCH your first monthly gift up to a total of $10,000 if you start an automated monthly donation before May 31.
(If you give $25, they match with $75 more!)
Already give monthly? If you increase your monthly gift by any amount, this donor will TRIPLE-MATCH your full, new amount that first month! Wow!!

Remember to let Sugar Creek know you are becoming a Sustaining Giver, so the donor can 3X match your first gift. A BIG thank you to everyone helping to sustain the mission and ministries of Sugar Creek Bible Camp!
Blessed to be a Blessing
What is Thrivent Choice®?
Thrivent Choice® is a program of Thrivent Financial. With Thrivent Choice®, you can recommend where some of Thrivent's charitable outreach funds go.

What are Thrivent Choice Dollars®?
Choice Dollars are the dollars made available to you from Thrivent’s charitable outreach funds, based on your eligibility, to designate to the charity of your choice.

How do I know if I’m eligible to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars®?
Members become eligible for Thrivent Choice based on insurance premiums, contract values and Thrivent volunteer leadership. Members are designated Choice Dollars that they can direct to enrolled charities.

Can I designate Choice Dollars to my favorite organization?
There are thousands of participating organizations. You can direct Choice Dollars to as many participating organizations as you’d like, but you may not direct less than five Choice Dollars to an organization.

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I still have questions regarding Thrivent Choice. Who can I contact to answer them?

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Grateful! Thankful! Blessed!
Memorials and Honorariums...
are one of many ways to support Sugar Creek. Thank you to all of you who remembered or honored friends and loved ones with a gift to this Bible Camp ministry.

Donors and Sustaining Givers...
Sugar Creek Bible Camp is blessed to have monthly supporters, known as Sustaining Givers, as well as regular Congregational Supporters (benevolence) and Individual Donors.

These gifts were received from February 23 to March 5, 2021.
Donations posted after March 5 will be recognized in our next newsletter.
In Honor of Given by

Bishop Jim Arends' Retirement
French Creek Lutheran Church
Our Savior's Lutheran Church - La Crosse
Pastors Judd & April Larson
Pastor John & Naomi Stennes-Spidahl

In Memory of Given by

Dorothy Every Mr & Mrs John Alibrandi
Dorothy Every Barrel Inn Women's Softball Team
Dorothy Every Donald & Marilyn Bott
Dorothy Every Harvey & Yvonne Cade
Dorothy Every K. Czechowicz
Dorothy Every Jan Fink
Dorothy Every Bob & Bev DiNicola
Dorothy Every Neil Duresky
Dorothy Every Leroy & Margaret Kile
Dorothy Every Michael & Joan Mulrine
Dorothy Every Annette Sherry
Dorothy Every D & B Skogen
Dorothy Every Cindy Storkel
Dorothy Every Ann Wermer
Dorothy Every Westside Sunshine Community
Albert Hohlfeld Margie Grimsled
Sigurd Rudser Keith & Joann Briggs

Congregational Donors

Barneveld Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church - Mt. Horeb
Freeman Lutheran Church - Ferryville

W-ELCA Donors
French Creek Lutheran Church
Our Savior's Lutheran Church - West Salem
(mistakenly listed as OSLC -Boscobel last month)
Sustaining (monthly) Givers

Peter & Joan Allen
Pastor Jim & Lynn Arends
Kevin & Betty Baird
Kjell Bakken
Elizabeth Davis
Michael Douglass II
Bryce & Katie Griffin
Meredith Hink
Shirley Hummel
Samantha Johnson
Kyle Jaeger & Laura Mackey
Daniel Kirschbaum & Jonathan Tippetts
Gregg & Pastor Lori Kleppe
Kyle Jaeger & Laura Mackey
Pastor Steve & Stacey Meyer
Kate Moody
Charles & Tiana Montgomery
Roxann Nedrelo
Alice Olson
John & Nancy Solberg
Pastor Jason & Carla Stanton
Lavonne Swiggum
Pastor Eric & Megan Thiele

Individual Donors

Greg & Beth Bonney
Carl & Ardith Hansen
Pastor Joe & Brianna Iverson
Wendy Sorenson
Pastor John & Naomi Stennes-Spidahl
Knute & Carol Temte

Gifts in Kind

"Old West" Rocking Chairs (4) for Frontier Town -
Dick & Karin Iverson
Lumber -
Pastor Jim & Laurie Klosterboer
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