Ministry highlights of Sugar Creek Bible Camp
Volume 1, December 2020
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A Drive-thru Advent Experience
December 4, 2020
Begin your journey any time from 3:30 to 6:00 pm
(rain or severe weather date is Dec 11)

Join us on The Road to Bethlehem at Sugar Creek Bible Camp! Journey through the Advent story by visiting different live action worship stations offering carols, scripture, prayer, and the chance to visit a live nativity. Enjoy refreshments at the end. This is an all outdoor event, so dress appropriately for the weather, and please bring a mask for carols. Covid-19 safety precautions in place.

There is no cost, but we invite you to consider a free will offering to benefit the ministry and mission of Sugar Creek Bible Camp. Non-perishable food items will also be collected to benefit local food pantries. Please call in advance to let us know you're coming: 608-734-3113 or email: for more information.

“Come and see...The long-awaited Savior, Jesus Christ, is near!”

"I made some of the best memories the summer I was on staff at Sugar Creek. It was such an amazing experience! I think my role as a counselor taught me more in life than any other role. I still remember my campers…watching them grow in the Lord was the most rewarding experience. Truly, it is a God-inspired place!"
Adam Rider - Summer Staff-2016
2020 AUCTION - Thank you for your support!

Thanks to all who bid online, ran or walked a Virtual 5K, or who braved the initial weather and joined us in person! The 2020 Auction raised over $24,000 for the ministry!

Thank you to all who donated quilts, auction items, Silent Auction baskets, and/or their time to make this auction a success! Mark you calendars and join us again next year.
September 11, 2021
Sugar Creek's Annual Raffle Fundraiser
3 GREAT PRIZES - one low price!
$5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20
Beautiful, hand-quilted 60 x 76" Lap Quilt, embellished with embroidery

Quilt designed, pieced, & hand-quilted by Wendy Baker of the Paisley Star Quilt and Gift Shop - Boscobel, WI
on behalf of St. John's Lutheran Church Boscobel, WI
This gift certificate entitles you and your family up to a 2-night stay in one of Sugar Creek's beautiful log cabins!
Good thru Dec 31, 2021

This gift certificate entitles you to a $100 shopping spree in Sugar Creek clothing and merchandise store!
Good thru Dec 31, 2021
Call 608-734-3113 to order Raffle tickets by phone or mail a check to us with your name, address, phone, number, and quantity desired.
A beautiful Cedar Waxwing rests high on a tree above the Bluff campout area at Sugar Creek. Seen mostly in the fall and winter, these colorful, masked songbirds are experts at finding berries to eat. Cedar Waxwings also have a unique call (click to listen).

Jesus said, "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6:26 

You see new animals, plants, and natural miracles at Sugar Creek every season! Why not come visit this beautiful part of God's creation and see for yourself!
Beautiful Log Cabin Rentals
Want to experience a safe, family getaway in a beautiful, modern log cabin at Sugar Creek? Look no further! Sugar Creek is now offering cabin rentals on airbnb. Click the icon to learn more about this exciting opportunity
or call the camp to reserve your stay!
Blessed to be a Blessing
Thank you, St. Paul Lutheran and Friends of Camp!
Sugar Creek is blessed to have a wonderful family of supporters!

This past year Sugar Creek received a large gift from the recently-dissolved congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church in La Crosse. A portion of that generous gift was used to create a welcoming, main entrance for the Retreat Center. The gift will fund other great projects in the near future.

Generous gifts from other long-time supporters also enabled us to put much-needed new roofs on both the Retreat Center and the Koinonia Lodge this year. Not only do these new roofs and improvements look amazing, but they will help maintain the integrity of our buildings for years to come!

You can help! Support is needed for important projects of all shapes and sizes at your Bible camp. Contact our office for ideas and specific needs.
Grateful! Thankful! Blessed!
Memorials and Honorariums...
are one of many ways to support Sugar Creek. Thank you to all of you who remembered or honored friends and loved ones with a gift to this Bible Camp ministry! These gifts were donated from October 1, 2019 to November 19, 2020.

Donors and Sustaining Givers...
Starting with our next newsletter, we will also recognize individual and congregational donations, by month.
In Memory of Given by

Anna Mae Allen Gene & Kati Allen
Anna Mae Allen Myron & Kristi Allen
Anna Mae Allen Carolyn Austin
Anna Mae Allen Suzanne Bartels
Anna Mae Allen Sheila & Roger Champlin
Anna Mae Allen Lew & Laurie Ellefson
Anna Mae Allen Margie Grimsled
Anna Mae Allen Dick & Karin Iverson
Anna Mae Allen Adam & Taylor Kolling 
Anna Mae Allen JoDean & David Lieurance
Anna Mae Allen Amy Oppriecht
Anna Mae Allen Marlene Ziemer
Bea Lee Marvin & Barbara Mc Neal
Ben Lee Marlene Swiggum
Betty Brudos Roger & Lori Beckstrom
Betty Brudos Sue Bjerke
Betty Brudos George & Judy Brockman
Betty Brudos Edward Brudos
Betty Brudos Doc & Jan Brudos
Betty Brudos Randy Eddy
Betty Brudos Carol Hultberg
Betty Brudos Dick & Karin Iverson
Betty Brudos Irvin Johnson
Betty Brudos Ruth Luckasson
Betty Brudos Dale Kirchner
Betty Brudos Katherine Nasseth
Betty Brudos Kenneth & Dorothy Nelson
Betty Brudos Ole Olson
Betty Brudos James & Lori Schlarlau
Betty Brudos Brent & Ella Smith
Betty Brudos Joyce Wichelt
Bob Brudos Susan Bjerke
Bob Brudos Coulee Region Insurance
Bob Brudos Roger & Lori Beckstrom
Bob Brudos George & Judy Brockman
Bob Brudos Doc & Jan Brudos
Bob Brudos Edward & Doris Brudos
Bob Brudos Ken Brudos State Farm Insurance
Bob Brudos Sheila & Roger Champlin
Bob Brudos John & Ardus Cleveland
Bob Brudos Randy Eddy
Bob Brudos Joan Everson
Bob Brudos Gene & Reta Mae Gunderson
Bob Brudos Carol Hultberg
Bob Brudos Dick & Karin Iverson
Bob Brudos Irvin Johnson
Bob Brudos Dale Kirchner
Bob Brudos Virginia Luckasson
Bob Brudos Ruth Luckasson
Bob Brudos Sonja Moe
Bob Brudos Geraldine Muth
Bob Brudos Katherine Nasseth
Bob Brudos Ole Olson
Bob Brudos George Renner
Bob Brudos Lorna Schildman
Bob Brudos Mark Solyst
Bob Brudos Kathy Wehrs
Bob Brudos Aimee Wichelt
Bob Brudos Joyce Wichelt
Bob & Betty Brudos Gene & Kati Allen
Bob & Betty Brudos Suzanne Bartels
Bob & Betty Brudos JoDean & David Lieurance
Bob & Betty Brudos Nyla Musser
Bob & Betty Brudos Ole Olson
Bob & Betty Brudos Bea Schmitz
Bob & Betty Brudos James & Lori Scharlau
Bob & Betty Brudos James Sill
Betty Nutter Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Buzz Kahn Robert & Pastor Meg Hoversten
Carolyn Anderson Marvin & Barbara McNeal
Colleen Rodman Suzanne Bartels
Dave Faulkner Suzanne Bartels
Delmer Christianson Don & Joy Howard
Dick Nestingen Lisa Nestingen
Don Fry Suzanne Bartels
Don Mahr Sonja Moe
Don Roberts Sheila & Roger Champlin
Don Roberts Mary & Roger Heath
Don Roberts Liz & Mike Leirmo 
Don Roberts Margie Grimsled
Don Roberts Sally Sletten
Donna Fortun Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Donna Olsen Tootie Ties
Du Wayne Fortney Marlene Swiggum
Eileen Moldrem Bob & Sally Severson
Elaine Fjelstad JoDean & David Lieurance
Elaine Pomerening Dick Sayther
Eunice Mathison Nancy Bean
Eunice Mathison Lorraine & Jerry Davidson
Eunice Mathison Holmen Lutheran Church
Eunice Mathison Harland Mathison
Eunice Mathison Trygve & Karan Mathison
Eunice Mathison Peter Peterson
Eunice Mathison Linda Thies
Eunice Nesseth Bob & Sally Severson
Gene Cooley Suzanne Bartels
Grace Ingham Margie Grimsled
Grace Ingham Howard & Helen Hanson
Hans Peder Fredrickson Kjell Bakken
Hans Peder Fredrickson Peter Bakken
Hans Peder Fredrickson Ramie & Eric Bakken
Hans Peder Fredrickson Dick & Karin Iverson
Hans Peder Fredrickson Kevin & Jane Kalal
Hans Peder Fredrickson Jennie Nelson 
Hans Peder Fredrickson Diane Nesselhuf
Harold Bartig Sonja Moe
Helen Jungck JoDean & David Lieurance
Herman Sime Sheila & Roger Champlin
Herman Sime Margie Grimsled
Herman Sime Nancy Mikkelson
Herman Sime Bob & Sally Severson
In Memory of Given by

Hunter Kottke Sheila & Roger Champlin
Inga Gerber Dick & Karin Iverson
Jacob Vedvik Bob & Sally Severson
Jean Griswold Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Jean Kossler Gladys & Don Lee
Joanne Doescher Duane & Laura Miller
Joanne Halverson Bob & Sally Severson
John Forss Olin & Arlette Knudsen
John Keinanen Gene & Reta Mae Gunderson
John Tracey Peter & Susan Servais
Josh Ellefson JoDean & David Lieurance
Josh Ellefson Sally & Larry Sletten 
Josh Ellefson Anna Quamme
Juanita Flater Tootie Ties
June Leirmo JoDean & David Lieurance
Kay Swiggum Gladys & Don Lee
Lenore Brudos Judy Hansen
Lenore Brudos David Olson
Leslie Leirmo JoDean & David Lieurance
Leslie Leirmo Bob & Sally Severson
Leslie Leirmo Tootie Ties
Leslie Leirmo James & Clarice Toynton
Lester Johnson Linda Thies
Linda Malkow Tootie Ties
Luther Forde David & Evelyn Leirmo
Luther Forde JoDean & David Lieurance
Marge Braughler Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Marie Ann Johnson Glenn & Sharon Simmonds
Marie Lenser Sonja Moe
Marty Zitzner Tootie Ties
Mary Hunter Anna Quamme
Mildred Stove Marlene Ziemer
Nancy Adams Suzanne Bartels
Nikki Messel Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Norman Fortun Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Oliva Koessler Gladys & Don Lee
Pastor Roger Hjelle Olin & Arlette Knudsen
Pastor Roger Hjelle Joyce Solverson
Phyllis Johnson Joan Everson
Phyllis Johnson Nancy Jones
Phyllis Johnson George Renner
Phyllis Weihrouch Connie Curran 
Ray Getter Marlene Swiggum
Ray Schroeder Sheila & Roger Champlin
Renee Stalsberg Glick Marvin & Barbara Mc Neal
Rev. Gary Daines Gene & Kati Allen
Rev. Gary Daines Karen Allness
Rev. Gary Daines Pastor Joel & Maren Bacon
Rev. Gary Daines Betty Barstad
Rev. Gary Daines Jacqui Bertling
Rev. Gary Daines Jay & Jen Bjorklund
Rev. Gary Daines Nancy Brown 
Rev. Gary Daines Sheila & Roger Champlin
Rev. Gary Daines Carol Clemment
Rev. Gary Daines Lawrence & Mardell Corcoran
Rev. Gary Daines his beloved wife, Mary Daines
Rev. Gary Daines Doug Devine
Rev. Gary Daines Ed & Diane Eisermann
Rev. Gary Daines Warren & Marci Haugen
Rev. Gary Daines Pastor Dan & Lynn Henderson
Rev. Gary Daines Dewey Huston
Rev. Gary Daines Dick & Karin Iverson
Rev. Gary Daines Helen Aline Jernander
Rev. Gary Daines Duane Jothen
Rev. Gary Daines LaVonne Kingslien
Rev. Gary Daines Gregg & Pastor Lori Kleppe
Rev. Gary Daines Rebecca Koscik
Rev. Gary Daines Michael Larson
Rev. Gary Daines Linda Maxwell
Rev. Gary Daines David & Jennifer McKenzie
Rev. Gary Daines Pastor Steve & Stacey Meyer
Rev. Gary Daines Sonja Moe
Rev. Gary Daines Jim & Phyllis Munsch
Rev. Gary Daines George & Carol Navrestad
Rev. Gary Daines Peace Lutheran Church
Rev. Gary Daines Peter Peterson
Rev. Gary Daines Stuart & Bonnie Peterson
Rev. Gary Daines Dwight & Cindy Schoonover
Rev. Gary Daines Wayne & Karen Sherry
Rev. Gary Daines John & Naomi Stennes-Spidahl
Rev. Gary Daines Linda Thies
Rev. Gary Daines Douglas & Karen Traastad
Rev. Gary Daines Kent Vaaler
Rev. Gary Daines Thurman & Judy Vangen
Rev. Gary Daines Ryan Ziegler
Rita Moore Allen Marlene Swiggum
Robert Lindner Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Roger Widner Helen Aline Jernander
Ron Duda Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Ronald Kuenzi Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Ruth Pest Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Sandra Hunder Sonja Moe
Scott Schure Judy Schure
Sonya Bohland Margie Grimsled
Theodore B & Pastor Ira Jerman Ted Jerman
Thomas "Tom" Olson Bob & Sally Severson
Trula Houser Cheryl & Rand Kuenzi
Valorie Kolden Adrian & Doris Hagen
Virginia Dunnum Olin & Arlette Knudsen
Virginia Dunnum Gladys & Don Lee
Virginia Dunnum Gary & Marsha Vance
Warren Schesser Tootie Ties
Weston Mack Karen Mack

In Honor of Given by

Pastor Karen Gerth Jarrod & Dawn Ertel
Pastor Karen Gerth Nikki & Josh Justman
Pastor Karen Gerth Jon & Julie Stowe 
Pastor Mark Solyst's Retirement Pete Bemis