Clean water for God's thirsty children
We're On A Mission
Today, when the world has become so uncertain, it's good for a mother to know that she doesn't have to worry about clean water for her child. Please help us, so we can give more mothers the ability to keep their children healthy.
A Virtual Experience In Providing Clean Water to
God's Thirsty Children

In the Spring of 2019, Sr. Larraine Lauter received an honorary degree from Providence College in Rhode Island in recognition of her work with Water With Blessings.

Little did Sister know something
else was happening that day.

In the audience that day was Brooke Newbury, attending her cousin's graduation. Hearing about the need for clean water around the world inspired Brooke to join the Water With Blessings family.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, young people aren't able to participate in mission/volunteer trips. To make up for that lost opportunity, Brooke is working with WWB Board Member Renee Schultz to create Virtual Mission Trips for young people of all ages who want to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

"If someone wants to participate, it's going to be a simple process," Renee said. "We will have a link on the Water With Blessings website where someone can go to pick the country they want to visit.
"Once they arrive in the country, they will be presented with a series of experiences in solidarity with the people there, such as walking the same amount of distance a Water Woman walks to find water. There will also be opportunities for interviews with people in the country -- members of the country team and perhaps even the Water Women themselves."

With this advocate education,
the Virtual Missionary
can share the experience.

"We hope they will want to impart what they've learned to others, whether to people in their classes, younger children, or groups of adults," Renee said.

We will share more information and the link to the Virtual Mission Trip soon.
Come Along On A
Virtual Mission Trip
Brooke Newbury, a high school senior and one of our youngest supporters, produced a video inviting everyone, especially people her age, to come along on a Virtual Mission Trip to support Water Women around the world.

It's not long, but it's a powerful challenge to each of us. Please take a moment to watch.
Please Be Sure to Help Us By
Giving For Good

Give For Good Louisville Challenge

The Community Foundation of Louisville has secured over $300,000 from generous community partners for the Give For Good Louisville 2020 Prize Pool. One of the challenges for the day is called “Far and Wide,” going to the nonprofit with donations from the most states, or the first to receive donations from all 50 states.

Water With Blessings can win $1000 if we receive donations from
the most states.

Please reach out to all you know who live in different states and ask them if they would be willing to make a small donation to Water With Blessings on Thursday, September 17, all day -- any time from midnight to midnight, eastern time.

Next week we will have the a link ready for all who wish to participate in the great day of giving for good.

In the meantime, if you have any questions of please feel free to contact Debbie at
But you can also help us out today.

Please consider forwarding this email to your friends. Perhaps they would want to join in your effort to provide clean water to God's thirsty children.

You can make a long-term impact by clicking the link below to become a sustaining donor to Water With Blessings. By giving $12.50 each month, you can sponsor two new Water Women each year.

And we'll also send you information on seeing where your Water Women live and the impact they are making.
Service Hours: Helping
Water With Blessings
The coronavirus pandemic has had another negative impact: young people have been unable to perform the service hours normally needed for high school. So we're looking for creative ways for young people to help Water With Blessings

If you know someone who needs service hours, please have them contact us. We will work with them to find a way to help us by making crafts, hosting online fund raisers, or letting more people know about Water With Blessings.

If you know someone who might be interested, please have them contact Renee at:

Coffee Chat: Through Your Computer Screen To Places All Around the World
On this week's Coffee Chat, we'll have more information about the Virtual Mission Trip. This is a great opportunity for any of our friends -- or their young relatives -- to have a great experience of helping others while learning about the situation of the poor around the world.

If you haven't joined us before, why not give it a try. Pour a cup of coffee (some of us prefer tea), turn on the computer, and be ready for a great source of support in a troubled time.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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