This email reflects my own opinions and research and not the views of the Utah State Board of Education.
Dear Families, Friends and Patriots,

This Thursday there will be a public hearing regarding the Board’s new CRT Rule, Educational Equity in Schools R277-328, from 4-6pm at the USBE office on 250 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please send in your written public-comment*, with specific changes (additions, deletions, revisions) you would like to see made to the Rule, before the hearing on Thursday (if possible), but NO LATER than July 30th.

Currently, as written, the New Rule will FAIL to stop CRT in teacher trainings or classroom activities, assignments, or instruction.

*Before writing your comment,
PLEASE WATCH the following video for a line-by-line explanation of the many problems inherent with the Rule. Listening will give you SPECIFIC language changes you can suggest and your rationale for the changes. I have also included a list of talking points below of what the Rule is missing. Consider including any of these ideas in your written comments.

The new Board Rule cross-references our Board Resolution "Denouncing Racism and Embracing Equity". When the yellow highlighted section of the Resolution is read in conjunction with the pink Highlighted section of the Rule [3(2)(b)] it is clear that our new Rule does NOT STOP the application of CRT, but actually mandates it for both teachers and students.
The Rule talks about "removing barriers" to learning. Parents need to realize that one of the chief barriers to incorporating CRT and the LGBTQ agenda in our schools is the parents. There are teacher trainings happening specifically on how to deal with and overcome parental pushback. The Rule needs to specifically say that "parental rights and concerns about their child's education shall be respected and not be treated as a barrier to overcome."

Read the rule here:

Read the resolution here:

When reading the rule also look for what is missing. For example:

Nothing in the Rule stops teachers from segregating kids into affinity/race groups like is already happening in SLCSD.

Nothing in the Rule protects the free speech of students or protects them against compelled speech - like when kids are told to deconstruct their identity and label themselves as part of an oppressor vs oppressed identity group or when they are coerced into telling their teacher or peers their preferred pronouns or sexual orientation.

It doesn't stop "identity-group" flags or signs, which are inherently sexual or political, from being displayed throughout the school.

It doesn't stop CRT-based teacher training or credentialing that teachers are required to take through the big-tech platforms their district has contracted with. (GOOGLE, Microsoft, Adobe, CASEL, etc)

It doesn’t prevent teachers from sharing their "social or racial justice" biases when discussing controversial current events with students.

It doesn’t stop SEL programs or restorative justice practices from being taught through the lens of race (i.e. equity) or social justice.

It doesn’t prevent all the propaganda in the hallways or CRT/LGBTQ books in the school library or classroom shelves.

It doesn’t prevent the use of the CRT propaganda as a tool to teach journalism, art, ELA, etc.

It does nothing to prevent the alphabet soup connection to CRT (i.e. intersectionality)

And the list doesn't stop.
U.S. Dept of Education Secretary Cardona simply passed the baton to the NEA who just came out in full support of CRT vowing to advance it in every school in all 50 states. The agenda has not slowed down one bit. This article simply amounts to a "smoke and mirrors" act. Parents need to be more awake than ever and fight this locally!

KEY DIRECTIVES from those pushing CRT to protect their position against those who would expose them:

(1) Seize the moral high ground and engage on our terms. With attention on education, let’s talk about the teaching and curricula we support and desire.
(2) Ascribe motivations to the opposition. Instead of unwittingly repeating the opposition in order to dispel their claims (e.g. “we are not teaching grade schoolers about XYZ”), talk about why they’re attacking curricula and teachers.
(3) Bring this back – always – to what we want as opposed to leaving us on defense against their attacks. Don’t volunteer the term “critical race theory,” an academic concept the right has co-opted as an all-purpose dog whistle, but when asked directly about it, define critical race theory on our terms as the honest, up-to-date education students deserve.
Read how Key PRO-CRT players have been organizing for years to take over our schools:

Crucial information from PragerU on the fight against CRT!

THANK YOU for DOING what is required to protect our kids and preserve our liberties from this clear and present danger.

Learn to recognize school indoctrination and how to stand up and speak out against it!

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America and its children need rescuing! It's time to stop playing defense and go on the offense. NOW is time to take back our government and our schools and it will require every one of us to get in the game. We are God's secret weapon!

Yours in Liberty,

Natalie Cline

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"With malice towards none and charity towards all." - Abraham Lincoln
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