Nutrition Action Alert May 9, 2018

Join Us May 10th at State Senate Hearing to Support Food with Care 

We need your help over the next few weeks to keep up a steady drumbeat of support for the food with care campaign. The State Legislature will be finalizing the State Budget to send to the Governor in June. That means we have a short window of time to fight for a state investment in child care meals. 

Here are the top four things you can do in the next few weeks:

1.)  Join us at t he State Senate Budget Committee on Education on May 10th. Make your voice heard by participating in the public comment process:  9:30am-12:30pm on May 10th  inside the State Capitol.  Please let us know if you plan to attend emailing

2.) Sign up to be a spokesperson for the campaign. We are looking for child care providers, child care centers, food program sponsors, parents, medical providers, researchers, and other supporters to help us generate media attention for the campaign. Interested in getting involved? Email  for more info. 

3.) Participate in a Social Media Day of Action on May 17th. Reach out to your network of family child care providers, child health advocates, and others to get them involved.  Read more here.
4.) Add your organization to our coalition letter.  link Reach out to any partners whose names are missing and ask them to do the same. 

Learn more and stay up to date by visiting our Food With Care page.

Contact: Melissa Cannon  at 510.433.1122 ext 102 

AB 1871 (Bonta) Needs Your Support to Keep Moving Forward!

AB 1871 (Bonta) - Don't Make Hunger a School Choice is now moving to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, chaired by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzales Fletcher (D-80). The coming days will be a critical time to show support for the bill, and help ensure that all students deserve equitable access to the basic resources that support their success, including school meals.

Here's how you can help:

Write! We need to flood the Assembly Appropriations Committee with letters of support in the next week!  If you haven't submitted a letter of support, do so today! And if you have already, please consider sending an updated letter addressed to Chairperson Gonzalez Fletcher using this template.  doc

Share your thoughts with Assemblywoman Gonzales Fletcher, Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
  • #AB1871 means we feed kids no matter where they go to school. @LorenaAD80 @RobBonta #foodandfairness
  • No child should go hungry in a CA public school. #AB1871 @LorenaAD80 @RobBonta
  • Food is fundamental. No child should go without, no matter where they go to school. #AB1871 @LorenaAD80 @RobBonta
Learn More! 
Find factsheets, data, stories, and more on our AB 1871 page.

Contact: Tia Shimada  at 510.433.1122 ext 109

SB 900 (Wiener & Arambula): Fight Hunger and Support California Agriculture!

SB 900 (Wiener & Arambula), the California Fruit and Vegetable EBT Pilot Project bill, is now moving to the  Senate Appropriations Committee, chaired by  Senator Ricardo Lara (D-33) . This is a critical time to tell state leaders to prioritize statewide solutions that make healthy food more affordable to improve the health and wellbeing of low-income Californians.

Here's what you can do to help:

Write! We need to flood the Senate Appropriations Committee with letters of support in the next week! If you haven't submitted a letter of support, do so today! And if you have already, please consider sending an updated letter addressed to Chairperson Lara using this template.  doc

After you've sent in your letter, send an email to Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. You can find a sample email to customize  here.

Tweet!  Share your thoughts with Senator Ricardo Lara and other state leaders.
  • Support SB 900, the CA Fruit & Veg EBT Pilot bill to #DoubleFresh4CalFresh! Make healthy food affordable and support CA Ag! @SenRicardoLara @ToniAtkins @CAFoodPolicy
  • >4 million people rely on #CalFresh and still struggle to afford fruits & veggies. @SenRicardoLara @ToniAtkins @CAFoodPolicy plz support SB 900! #DoubleFresh4CalFresh
Learn More!  Want to learn more about what SB 900 does and who it helps?  Visit our  SB 900 page and r ead our Frequently Asked Questions document.   PDF

Contact: Tracey Patterson  at 510.433.1122 ext 101

Tell State Leaders to Support School Breakfast!

Two million of our state's most vulnerable students continue to miss out on the benefits of school breakfast. CFPA is requesting one million dollars annually over three years in the 2018-19 budget in order to extend California's successful Breakfast After the Bell Expansion grants.

Though the Senate Budget Committee's full hearing agenda means the school breakfast budget request won't be heard on May 10th, we need your support to ensure it is championed by the Assembly Education Finance Budget Subcommittee Chair, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, and State Budget decision-makers. 

Stay tuned for ways to participate  in upcoming social media actions and email campaigns encouraging Assemblyman McCarty to move this forward and prioritize school breakfast for low-income students.

Learn more about the budget request and the benefits of school breakfast here.

Stay informed and engaged by signing up for email updates. link

Contact: Tracey Patterson  at 510.433.1122 ext 101
CFPA in the News...

Kaiser Health News and NPR recently highlighted the persistent problem of low CalFresh participation among eligible households. When compared to the state's success in enrolling similarly eligible households in Medi-Cal, California's CalFresh participation ranking--one of the lowest among all states--remains a puzzling challenge. CDSS CalFresh Branch Chief Kim McCoy Wade and CalFresh advocates agree that using Medi-Cal enrollment data and lessons learned can be a successful strategy to increase CalFresh participation.

"We are taking the successes from the Affordable Care Act and are turning to our next-biggest program and trying to apply those lessons," says McCoy Wade. "The Medi-Cal/CalFresh connection is something where we think there is a lot of room to grow."

Read the full article here.

Learn more about efforts to increase CalFresh participation at CFPA's CalFresh page.

Learn more about opportunities to improve dual enrollment between CalFresh and Medi-Cal in this report from the Alliance to Transform CalFresh.

Contact: Jared Call  at 213.482.8200 ext 201