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P rovisional Licences expire May 1, 2018 at which time you must have your Full Builder Licence in place in order to receive building permits.

Builders are strongly encouraged to submit applications no later than March 31, 2018 to avoid processing delays. 

Application Guide
Step 1 : Register for an account with MA Connect
Step 2 : Fill out your builder profile
Step 3 : Fill out the licence application
Step 4 : Pay for your application

Visit our website for more detailed steps.  

Common application errors:
  • Not matching company officers within the Builder Profile with the names and information registered with provincial corporate registry (CORES).
  • Not completing your builder profile.
  • Not clicking “Submit and Exit” at the final screen. This means the application is saved in draft form and cannot be reviewed by Builder Licensing staff.
  • Forgetting to hit the “Pay” button in the top right corner of the application.
New Home Buyer Protection Office – Municipal Affairs
Phone: 1-866-421-6929
BILD Alberta
Phone: (780) 424-5890

More Information
MGA Update
Now that the provincial legislative process is largely complete, a significant amount of work will need to be done by municipalities to bring existing policies and practices in-line with the new legislation.

To assist constituent associations and members, BILD Alberta has compiled:

If you have specific questions related to the changes associated with the MGA Review, please contact  Scott Fash .

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