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Action Alert: November 2017
Anti-BDS laws pose a serious threat to fundamental rights in the U.S., according to the ACLU and other civil rights authorities.

Over the past few years, laws that would suppress boycotts focused on Israeli human rights abuses have been passed in Congress and two dozen states across the country. More of this "anti-BDS legislation" is pending in Congress now.   

Dozens of faith groups and partners have taken action this week to alert the American public and Congress about our right to boycott and take other economic actions for justice -
a protected form of speech according to the US Supreme Court.

In Kansas this year, a Mennonite teacher was denied the right to a state teaching contract because she supports her church's call to boycott for Palestinian rights and would not sign a document certifying she does not.

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit for her against the state Dept of Education - the first serious legal challenge to anti-BDS laws.

On Nov 7, a coalition of Christian, Muslim and Jewish organizations published
a full page statement in The Kansas City Star, standing against this unconstitutional denial of rights.

The statement "CALLS ON ALL AMERICANS to join us and the ACLU in defending our First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Urge state legislators and members of Congress to reject anti-BDS legislation as an infringement on the rights of American citizens."

This newspaper statement came just one day after 20 top Christian leaders from 17 national organizations and denominations sent an
Open Letter to Congress, stating their opposition to the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.   See the letter and signers.

It is urgent that we all stand for First Amendment rights and oppose anti-BDS laws.  
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