Safe Communities Act Statewide Call-in Day
Wednesday, January 31
Please take action to support the Safe Communities Act by making two quick and easy phone calls on Wednesday, January 31, to your two state legislators--Representative and Senator!  
Support the rights of immigrants in our state and support community law enforcement. The Safe Communities Act does not protect criminals or interfere with federal agents doing their jobs in Massachusetts.
Don't know your legislator or their phone numbers? Find them here.
Call script for legislators
My name is _________________ and I am a constituent from _____________ (town). I am calling because I support the Safe Communities Act and urge _________________(Rep/Sen name) to contact the Chairs of the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security and ask them to give the bill a favorable report before the February 7th deadline. Thank you.
Want to help in other ways? Visit the Safe Communities Act Coalition website and sign up!
Safe Communities Act Basics
S.1305 (Sen. James Eldridge) and H.3269 (Rep. Juana Matias)
What the SCA does:
  • Allows immigrants to feel comfortable calling police to report a crime, making communities safer
  • Gives immigrants due process and rights if detained
  • Prohibits local police from arresting people solely because of their immigration status
  • Prohibits local police from working as deputized ICE agents in Massachusetts
  • Prohibits a registry based on characteristics such as country of origin or religion
  • Adheres to federal laws
What the SCA does not do:
  • Interfere with police investigating crimes, including working with ICE in criminal investigation
  • Stop ICE from receiving information about people who are arrested
  • Interfere with ICE investigations in Massachusetts
  • Jeopardize federal funding for local communities
For the full fact sheet click here.

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