Urgent: please tell the Council and Executive- stand firm against zombie highway! (emails needed by July 18)

Yes, Virginia and development proponents are trying to revive plans for an outer beltway and bridge crossing through the Ag Reserve. Yet again.  Though this ill-conceived plan has been repeatedly studied and dismissed by planners as a non-solution, the Loudoun VA board of supervisors just voted unanimously in support of the project. There is the potential that the proposed bridge will be included in the Council of Governments Transportation plan. 

In response to these troubling developments, last week Council President Roger Berliner introduced a resolution   for the Council to formally oppose the proposed bridge and outer beltway.   Good support was given by other Councilmembers, notably Marc Elrich, and George Leventhal.

The resolution faced no opposition and will move to a vote on July 18. This is a good first step toward yet again battling back the latest push for the bridge. Now Council members need to to hear your appreciation and request for their unanimous vote against this boondoggle on the 18th. We are also looking to County Executive Leggett to similarly voice his opposition as there continues to be a misperception in northern Virginia that the Executive's position in opposition may have changed. 

For the most part, the Maryland side has been united in opposition to the needless traffic producing sprawl that this project would cause - however, this map posted on Fairfax Underground shows the sentiment we are up against. 

The map above and the image at the top of the email are two sides of the same coin - northern Montgomery County is protected farmland and rural communities  by design. The truth is that Montgomery County has its own traffic concerns, and comprehensive plans  to address them and has every reason to say no to bending to decades of poor land use decision and  transportation  plans in Virginia. 

Please can you take a moment (and share this alert widely) to thank President Berliner and Council Members and County Executive Leggett for their continued commitment to wise planning and transportation solutions and urge them to vote in favor of the important resolution on July 18? 

Sample email:

Dear County Council Members and County Executive Leggett,
Thank you council members for voting unanimously on July 18 for the resolution laying out your position against the outer beltway and Potomac bridge crossing. This project would be a catastrophic waste of resources and a crushing blow to the County's Agricultural Reserve , thriving communities and valuable natural resources.  I encourage the Council to keep up its opposition to this project and continue working toward wise transportation solutions. I  call on our County Executive to  firmly state in writing his priorities and continued opposition to this project as well. 


Your Name
Send your email to ( copy and paste and please bcc us at info@mocoalliance.org):
and the County Executive:   ocemail@montgomerycountymd.gov

With this proposal still alive, we need to be at the table to represent you with full resources.  Collectively, as we did 16 years ago, we can ensure that real solutions for transportation needs take priority and long successful land preservation plans continue to thrive.  In 2001, we won the  fight against this same bridge project because of the commitment and support  of local people like you. If you are a first time donor or need to renew your membership - either way, we welcome your help .

Thank You!

With appreciation,

Your Friends at MCA

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