Take Action:
Urge Congress to Invest in Network #HoUSed Campaign Priorities
Join the Network in urging congress to invest in our #HoUSed campaign priorities, the National Housing Trust Fund and robust rental assistance.

The Senate voted 50-49 on Wednesday morning to approve a budget resolution that will lay the foundation for the $3.5T infrastructure and economic recovery package, including investments of up to $332B for housing and transportation, which would be the largest investment in affordable and supportive housing in generations.

If the resolution passes the House on August 23rd, Congress will begin drafting legislation to decide funding levels for a variety of programs and priorities and we must ensure affordable and supportive housing, with robust funding for rental assistance, are included. 
Take action:

  • Join the #HoUSed campaign sign-on letter to congress and circulate to your networks. With more than 1,000 signors, this will demonstrate the broad support for robust funding for housing. Sign-on here.

  • Call or email your member of Congress and tell them we need at least $45B in Housing Trust Fund dollars, and a substantial investment in rental assistance, including the expansion of Housing Choice Vouchers. Call/email script here.

  • Tweet at New York representative on the House Financial Services Committee. Handles and sample tweets below.
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Handles to include: 
@RepGregoryMeeks @AOC @RepLeeZeldin @NydiaVelazquez
@RepMaloney @RitchieTorres

Thank you @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand for allocating $332B for housing and transportation in the budget reconciliation. Please include $45B for the National Housing Trust Fund and robust funding for rental assistance in any budget negotiation! #HoUSed #Housing4UsAll @theNetworkNY

People of color – especially WOC – and other marginalized renters are most harmed by the housing crisis & disproportionately experience homelessness. Congress rectify this and invest in the National Housing Trust fund and rental assistance. #HoUSed @theNetworkNY

The National Housing Trust fund is the only federal capital investment for the lowest-income household. Allocating $45B in budget negotiations will help leverage more supportive housing like these residences across NYS #HoUSed. @theNetworkNY
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Only 1/4 households who qualify for housing assistance receive it & it’s only getting worse. Congress must allocate robust funding for rental assistance in budget negotiations to achieve #Housing4UsAll. #HoUSed @theNetworkNY

Call your members of Congress and urge them to invest at least $45 billion in the National Housing Trust Fund to build and preserve affordable and supportive housing & robust funding for rental assistance – in budget negotiations. #HoUSed @theNetworkNY https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative