May 2016
Food for Thought and Thought for Food

Letter from the National Coordinator
Dear Members and Supporters,

I'm very excited to write my first newsletter as the Domestic Fair Trade Association National Coordinator!   I want to give many thanks to our Board of Directors who have been incredibly supportive and helpful in settling me into the new position.  T he DFTA has been involved with many exciting activities in the past few months that I want to share with you. To highlight a few, we:
  • Finalized our new accounting system
  • Planned and hosted our first in-person board meeting of the year
  • Participated in the Fair Trade USA Stakeholder Summit
  • Attended the Fair Trade Federation Conference with DFTA members, Dr. Bronner's, Maggie's Organics, Ben & Jerry's, Fair for Life, and Fair World Project
  • Celebrated the work of our members during World Fair Trade Day
  • Spoke with countless members about what domestic fair trade means to them and how the DFTA can move forward 
For the rest of the year, I look forward to completing our strategic planning process, redeveloping the website, finishing the organization's rebranding, and organizing our vibrant annual conference (more details below!).

During my first few months as the DFTA national coordinator, I have been impressed by the passion and intellect that all of our members and supporters bring to this organization.  I am eager to continue working with all of you to create a food and agriculture system that is fair, just, and sustainable for all.    


Erika A. Inwald
National Coordinator

P.S. We have a new address! Don't forget to update your records--it's listed below.
Save the Date!
The 2016 annual meeting will be from December 9-11 in Portland, OR. We will be having tours on the 9th, an open conference on the 10th, and our membership meeting on the 11th! If you would like to help plan the conference, please click here.

Take Action
The DFTA has been supporting many ongoing campaigns these past few months.  Take a second to learn about our advocacy work and show your support below!*

1. Plate of the Union Campaign: The DFTA endorsed the POTU Campaign, which aims to get the current presidential candidates to address food system reform.  Learn more and sign the petition here.

2. Letter to Driscoll's: The DFTA signed on to Fair World Project's letter to get Driscoll's to recognize the right to freedom of association.  Sign the petition today to show your support for collective bargaining and a fair contract.

3. No to the TPP: DFTA Member, Community Alliance for Global Justice is helping to lead a campaign against the Trans Pacific Partnership.  If you're a Washington State resident, sign the petition and say no to the TPP.

*Members: help guide DFTA advocacy priorities by filling out this short survey by May 25th!  
For Our Members
Join a Committee!

As you know, the DFTA is extremely grassroots and member-driven.  We work best when our members are fully engaged.  Check out the list below to see how you can get involved in interesting and rewarding work! 

Current Committees 
1. Strategic Planning Committee
  • Description: Want to have input into the future of the DFTA?  Then help us continue the strategic planning process we began last year and join the committee!
  • Meeting Time: Please fill out the When2Meet (all times in EDT) by Monday, May 23rd, so you can join the first call.
CPlanning2. DFTA Conference Planning Committee
  • Description: Do you love the DFTA annual meeting?  Would you like to make it better than ever?  Join the committee and help the DFTA start planning!
  • Meeting Time: Please fill out the When2Meet (all times in EDT) by Monday, May 23rd, so you can join the first call.
  • Chair: Erika A. Inwald, DFTA
3. Fundraising Committee
  • Description: In order for the DFTA to grow we need more resources! This committee is responsible for identifying and pursuing grants, sponsorship, and other development opportunities.
  • Meeting Time: Meets twice a month.  Email for more info.
  • Chair: Jason Freeman, Farmer Direct Co-op
4. Advocacy Committee
  • Description: This committee helps the DFTA advocate in support of policies and organizing campaigns that are in alignment with the principles of domestic fair trade, benefit the stakeholder groups of the DFTA, and support the DFTA vision of transforming the food and agricultural system into a more just, equitable, sustainable, and healthy one.  Right now they are working on collecting member surveys to see where the DFTA can focus our advocacy efforts.  Fill out the survey by May 25th!
  • Meeting Time: 1st Monday of every month at 2pm Eastern.
  • Chair: Joann Lo, Food Chain Workers Alliance.
5. Bylaw and Internal Policy Committee
Description:  Help improve DFTA governance! This committee is currently working on compiling internal policies to make a cohesive policy manual. 
Meeting Time: 4th Thursday of every month at 4pm Eastern.  Next call will be on May 26th.  Call in information: 1-712-832-8300, code: 9474427.
Chair: Allison Meyer, Seward Co-op; Marty Mesh, Florida Organic Growers

6. Membership Committee 
  • Description: This committee is responsible for the membership application process, peer review,  DFTA educational membership webinars, and identifying and recruiting potential members for the DFTA.
  • Meeting Time: Please fill out the doodle (all times in EDT) by Monday, May 23rd, so you can join the first call.
  • Chair: Grace Cox, Olympia Food Co-op
7. DFTA Membership Meeting Committee
  • Description: Join this committee to help plan the membership meeting portion of this year's DFTA conference.  
  • Meeting Time: Contact or for more info.
  • Chair: Kathia Ramirez, CATA; Ernesto Velez Bustos, Centro Campesino
Fair Facts Program Updates- Please Approve!
The board has recently approved three criteria for the Fair Facts program and now it's the members' turn! Please respond to by May 26th about whether you would like to block, stand aside, or consent to the criteria listed below.  No response will be counted as consent.