September 16, 2020
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Oppose Suffolk County Tobacco Purchase Age Increase 

Legislator Sam Gonzalez (D-9)
Suffolk County Legislator Sam Gonzalez, recently announced plans to introduce a resolution that would increase the purchase age for tobacco products in Suffolk County.

Currently, the state of New York has a legal purchasing age of 21.  Under the text of Gonzalez's resolution, the legal purchasing age for tobacco products would increased from 21 to 25.

For numerous reasons, this is a horrible piece of legislation that sets an even worse national precedent. In his resolution, Legislator Gonzalez seemingly lectures 21 year olds for their lack of brain development, yet as we are all aware, 18-21 year olds are allowed to vote, get married, enter into contracts, and serve in the military.

Seeking to increase the legal purchasing age for premium cigars during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is an unprecedented attack on local businesses and your ability to enjoy a premium cigar.  This effort by Gonzalez and his resolution ignores the research on the lack of adverse public health implications associated with premium cigars.  The evidence is clear - lack of inhalation, addiction, mortality, and youth access associated with premium handmade cigars.

Take action now, contact members of the Suffolk County, NY Legislature and respectfully ask that they not approve this attempt to increase the minimum purchasing age for premium cigars.

Click here for a listing to contact members of the Suffolk County Legislature.

To read a copy of the resolution, click here.

To read an article in the New York Post about the resolution, click here.

Please visit CRA's guide to contacting your local representatives on any and all issues.