Last Push for Rubio Plan for Relief - Send a Message To Washington

Legislation called the  Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act , proposed by Senator Marco Rubio, is pending in Washington and is expected to be voted on tomorrow afternoon. The Illinois Restaurant Association supports this legislation and lawmakers need to hear from you. Your voices are being heard!

Click here to read more about the status of the legislation from The Washington Post.

Please take one minute to tell Illinois’ U.S. Senators and Representatives to support this Act. Email them by visiting  this page . There are three steps:

  1. Wait for the page to load (it may take a few seconds to load, but please be patient)
  2. Fill in your contact information and click "Take Action Now"
  3. Click “Send Message” (IMPORTANT: you must click Send Message for your message to go through)

The Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act is pro-worker, pro-immigrant, and pro-small business and nonprofits. It only takes a minute to tell Washington to support this
Act and is absolutely crucial that they hear from you.

Please also encourage fellow Illinois restaurateurs and employees to contact their Congressmen and Senators by visiting our  website .
Now Available - IRA Pro Bono Legal Network for Restaurant Operators

Several IRA member lawyers have agreed to donate their time to speak with restaurant owners and operators about COVID-19 legal issues and developments, and to assist in pointing members in the right direction during these unfolding times.  

Click here to visit the IRA Legal Network webpage and list of participating attorneys.

Depending on the nature of your needs, the lawyers may have to conduct a conflict search and enter into a formal engagement with you, but they have committed to at least provide general guidance and issue spotting pro bono. Please be patient in your communications during this unprecedented time.

The IRA makes no representations or guarantees about the legal advice provided to the members. Because the IRA is merely facilitating contact with these lawyers, you will have an attorney client relationship solely with the lawyer. The IRA is receiving no referral or other fee in connection with offering this information.
Please be sure to check our website for the latest coronavirus updates, and see the above resources and information for your business - updated as of 8:40 p.m. Saturday, March 21.