Ask your legislator to sponsor 2 health freedom bills!
We are excited to share the news that two excellent health freedom bills were recently filed! [SEE A SUMMARY & LINK TO BILLS BELOW]

Now we need YOUR help to get these bills passed!

Over the next several weeks and months, we are going to be in touch to ask you to take a number of actions to support these bills. We will also do our best to give you the tools you will need to be effective. Some actions will take less than 1 minute and others will take a little more time—but what we need is large numbers of people to follow through. All the work we’ve done so far to legally protect health freedom will go nowhere unless the people of Massachusetts step up in large numbers and put the pressure on their legislators to support these bills.


  1. Call or email YOUR state representative and senator to urge him/her to CO-SPONSOR these two health freedom bills. 

Calling is best. Ask to speak to the head of constituent services. If you leave a message, ask them to call you back. Tell them you are concerned about government mandates related to Covid that infringe on your right to make healthcare decisions for you and your family, including whether or not to get a vaccine. Tell them that every person has a fundamental right to bodily autonomy and that you want them to DO SOMETHING to stop the government overreach and discrimination against people based on their health choices.

Personal stories make an impact: If you have a story about vaccine injury or loss, it is very important that your legislators hear from you directly. If you were coerced and lost your job, career, or access to education, it is very important that your legislators hear from you directly.

Emailing is effective too. Email your concerns to your rep and senator, and ask them to follow up. It is best to draft your own message, but here is a basic script you can use if needed. 

Dear Rep or Senator XYZ,

My name is....I am a......I live in .....

Share your story if you have one….

The ability to make decisions for one's own health and healing is a fundamental human right. As a Massachusetts citizen, I am extremely concerned about government overreach into the health and wellness decisions of myself and my family. 

There is no one-size-fits-all medicine that is effective for everyone in our state. History has shown time and time again that medical treatments once thought to be effective can turn out to be harmful, and that science and medicine can be corrupted due to financial conflicts of interest

Please support legislation that will protect the people of Massachusetts from unwanted medical treatments and procedures, collection of specimens, and sharing of personal data and medical information. 

Please CO-SPONSOR SD2014 An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity https://malegislature.gov/Bills/193/SD2014

Please CO-SPONSOR HD2390 An Act prohibiting COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of entry https://malegislature.gov/Bills/193/HD2390

[NOTE -WHETHER CALLING OR EMAILING: If you are willing - Ask to set up an in-person meeting - offer a few days and times that are good for you. Reach out to hello@healthrightsMA.org if you would like support with your meeting. And please consider signing up to be a Constituent Liaison for Health Rights MA; go to: https://tinyurl.com/VOLUNTEER-HRMA]

I look forward to hearing back from you at your soonest convenience.


Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number

2. If you don’t hear back within a few days, follow up. Call or email again and put “2nd Request” in the subject line.

3. Please follow up with Health Rights MA by emailing hello@healthrightsMA.org and let us know if you received a response or were able to get a meeting. 

Thank you for your help with this important legislative initiative!
Health Rights MA is collecting stories of injury, loss, and coercion due to the covid vaccines from Massachusetts residents to share with legislators, many of whom do not know about the significant dangers/side effects associated with these shots. (We have now updated our form to also collect stories from those who have been subject to coercive tactics)

If you or a family member has experienced adverse events following the covid19 vaccine please share your story.

Have you been fired from a job, unable to get a job, or lost access to an education for not getting a shot? If you experienced coercive tactics that negatively affected your life and family please share your story. 

Why are we asking for your story?

• To educate Massachusetts legislators and public health policymakers and increase their awareness and understanding of COVID-19 vaccine injuries and coercive tactics negatively affecting the lives of the people of Massachusetts.

• To inspire lawmakers to take action to stop all mandatory vaccination programs by passing legislation that will protect the rights of all people to make their own health decision without coercion and to work to help those who have suffered vaccine injury to get the medical and/or financial assistance they need to heal. 


This form can also be found on the homepage of the HealthRightsMA.org website.

No identifying information will be shared with legislators without prior written consent. Someone from our team will reach out to see how you are willing to share your story: in print, in video, or in person.

Health Rights MA (HRMA) is working on a booklet for legislators titled“The Face of Covid19 Vaccine Injury in Massachusetts” which will be bound together with stories and photos to be delivered to legislators and public health policymakers.

We will also be planning lobby days and private meetings with legislators face-to-face or on zoom for those that might be willing to share their stories. 

TAKE ACTION: Please share this graphic and call for stories by forwarding this email and posting all over social media!

Questions? Email bfcote6@gmail.com
2 Health freedom bills SD.2014 and HD2390 have been filed
Our bodily autonomy bill SD.2014 has been filed by Senator Patrick O'Connor! Read the bill text here: SD2014 An Act Relative to Bodily Autonomy and Family Integrity

This bill, if passed, would protect the rights of Massachusetts citizens to make decisions about their own health by doing the following:
(b) No person shall be compelled to acquiesce to medical treatments or procedures, collection of specimens, or sharing of personal data or medical information. A person’s fundamental rights including privacy, travel, and speech afforded under the United States Constitution shall not be infringed upon to impede the making of decisions for themselves or for their dependents, including, but not limited to, decisions about health and medical care, including complementary and alternative healthcare services, education, employment, travel, and lifestyle preferences.

  • Protecting a person's right to refuse any medical treatment/procedure

(c) No employer shall decline to hire, or terminate the employment of, a person solely on the basis of the person’s choice to engage or not engage with a medical treatment or procedure. A person whose rights have been violated by this act may bring action for (i) an injunction against any further violation; (ii) appropriate affirmative relief, including, but not limited to, admission or reinstatement of employment with back pay plus 10 percent interest; and (iii) any other relief necessary to ensure compliance with this Act.

  • Protecting an employee's right to refuse any medical treatment/procedure without termination
  • Making it illegal for an employer to require someone to undergo a medical treatment/procedure as a condition of hire (with exceptions such as eyesight/drug testing for pilots, etc. as laid out in section (d) of the bill:
(d) Nothing in this section shall preclude drug or alcohol testing or any reasonable requirement for non-invasive medical testing or treatments, such as requiring a pilot to undergo a vision test or wear corrective lenses while piloting an aircraft.

Additionally, Representative Peter Durant has refiled his bill from the previous session: HD2390 An Act Prohibiting Covid-19 Vaccination as a Condition of Entry
  • If passed, this bill would make it illegal to require Covid-19 vaccination for entry into the state itself, public building, public or private school, private businesses, hotels, or public places of amusement.

Please take a moment to thank these legislators for filing these important bills! It can be as simple as "Thank you for filing bill SD.2014, An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity", or "Thank you for filing bill HD.2390, An Act prohibiting Covid-19 vaccination as a condition of entry".

SD.2014 An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

HD.2390 An Act prohibiting Covid-19 vaccination as a condition of entry

What's coming next...

  • We are still working on filing a bill that would protect people from mandated medical procedures that might alter human genetics. STAY TUNED!

TAKE ACTION: Please reach out to your legislators and ask them to support bills that will protect your right to make your own health decisions. Find your Representative and Senator here: https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator
How can YOU help to protect heath rights in Massachusetts?
We need people like you who care about their rights to make their own health decisions to step up and become a Constituent Liaison. 

A Constituent Liaison politely but doggedly reaches out and develops relationships with their MA Representative and/or Senator and their staff on behalf of Health Rights MA to encourage them to sponsor and help pass health freedom bills into law. Your tasks would involve setting up meetings and sending informative emails, with support from HRMA. 

Find your Representative and Senator here https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator You can sign up to be the liaison to one of both of your elected representatives.

Become a Constituent Liaison - Join our Team! Just fill out this short form. 
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