Submit a Comment on SCDOT's new Vulnerable Road User Program,
before August 24, 2018! 
SC's Department of Transportation (SCDOT) set aside $5 million for a brand new vulnerable road user program in their Traffic Safety office. Since crashes involving people walking and bicycling consistently increased over the past 10 years, we look forward to this new program and want it to be a success!  

Please help spread the word to SCDOT that we want safe, livable streets 
that integrate with local plans and use the best guidance available.  

Please copy/paste our suggested comment below, here:  
  1. Thank you for dedicating $5 million to a new vulnerable road user program! I appreciate that SCDOT is taking action to address pedestrian and bicycle crashes, and I am excited to see the results of the program. Please keep the following in mind, to help ensure that this initiative is a success.
  2. Choose project sites based on BOTH a traditional, reactive approach, and a safe system approach.  
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Improve project sites by building upon bike/walk master plans that local governments already have or are working to pass. If an area does not have a master plan, use evidence-based Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidance and Atlanta Regional Commission’s best practices document.  
  4. Ultimately, please pass a state Complete Streets policy that addresses improvements to state policy, design, process, and planning, in coordination with both stakeholders and SCDOT leadership.
  5. Refer to the following link for additional, detailed comment from the SC Livable Communities Alliance.
  6. We support the SC Livable Communities Alliance, a coalition including among many, the Palmetto Cycling Coalition, AARP-SC, American Heart Association of SC, Coastal Conservation League, Eat Smart Move More - SC, SC Alliance of YMCA's, ABLE South Carolina and USC Public Health initiative.