Our hearts are with so many suffering the devastation in Mexico,   Puerto Rico,   the Caribbean,  and  Texas

We are mobilizing our forces to send love, strength, courage, money, supplies, and perseverance. 

The links above will take you to websites with information on how you can contribute to help the intensive recovery process.

One of our beloved festivals in Mexico,  Ambulante, is raising funds for the earthquake relief effort (click the link to find out how to help). In an effort to raise spirits, it is showing CHAVELA in shelters and in public squares for free. We are happy to join with Ambulante and support their vision and attention to the deepest warmth of humanity and the power of film to comfort, educate, and mobilize us while also helping us grieve and empathize.

- Cat & the Aubin crew
Chavela tears down the walls in theaters now!

We love Chavela. We know you'll love Chavela, too, and we want to share Chavela Vargas' story with you as it finally comes  to theaters in major cities across the USA - New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, Irvine, Sebastapol, Santa Ana, Chicago, San Diego, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Denver, Miami, and Detroit for a start. 

OPENING WEEKEND is key to the success of independent film. Please come out this weekend to see the film. Ticket sales ensure the theatrical life of the film and the possibility that independent cinema can thrive. Bring friends. Laugh. Cry. Reconsider your sins and then sin again.  

How can you help keep independent media alive? Pick up your ticket for the opening weekend of Chavela now  via  Music Box 's website for the theatrical release near you (click on the "Theaters" tab). You can also catch the film at numerous film festivals

If you're in NYC, please join us for Chavela's opening weekend at the Film Forum October 5-8th. Come say "HI" after the Q&A with directors Gund and Kyi following the 6:10pm show on Saturday and the 2:20pm show on Sunday. 
Chavela  has picked up distributors in France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Taiwan, and Colombia! lf you are outside of the USA, look out for the film headed your way soon. Chavela  is distributed by Music Box Films in the USA, Kino Smith in Canada, and represented by Latido Films internationally!
Chavela on Spotify and iTunes!

If you love the enthralling musical landscapes of the Chavela documentary, you can listen to the entire soundtrack via  Spotify.

You can also purchase the original songs composed for the film by the incredible Gil Talmi. This week, Gil is donating  100% of net sales on Bandcamp to the Global Giving MEXICO EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND.
Creating IMPACT for  Dispatches from Cleveland!

We're thrilled to welcome Erin Sorensen (Impact Producer) and Jumoke Balogun (Impact Coordinator) to our team! They hit the ground running and are working in partnership and community to help the film bring about youth leadership, increased awareness, voter engagement, and prosecutorial justice. Read more about their work with us on DFC Team  section of our website. Impact strategy updates to come!

Saturday October 17, 2017 @ 7:15pm, Cinemateket

Wednesday October 18th @ 5pm, Northwest Film Forum

In Conversation with Aubin's Board:
Dàna-Ain Davis

[In Conversation with Aubin's Board is a brand-new series highlighting the brilliant, creative and passionate work of Aubin's nonprofit leaders.]


Board President Dàna-Ain Davis is a long-time friend and fan of Catherine Gund's work, going all the way back to  Hallelujah:  The Story of Ron Athey (1996) .

Dàna is an activist, academic, and advocate of utilizing film - documentaries in particular - to enhance education and advocacy.   One thing people don't often know about her is that she majored in film in college and worked in television for many years. 

In July, she began a new position as the Director for the Center of the Study of Women and Society at the Graduate Center, and she is constantly thinking about ways to integrate film into her work with masters and PhD students in the women and gender studies programs.  Her favorite Aubin Pictures films to use in trainings and classes are On Hostile Ground and Motherland Afghanistan which both illustrate how cultures create societal normativity around violence against women.

One reason Dàna loves being a part of Aubin's board is the connection to creativity and production: "I'm so in my own head. Being with a group or organization that is doing creative work with a social justice perspective has been an important part of how I want to be in the world. It makes being an academic much better. Moving outside of the domain of the highly theoretical and using this creative work to make broad based political points is vital to effective change."

Thank you Dàna for your support, guidance, and commitment to the vision and vitality of Aubin Pictures for so many years!
ART MATTERS: Rujeko Hockley & Lowery Sims

"If the most unfree among us were free, we would all be free" - Rujeko Hockley

Check out this EXCELLENT  9-m inute video conversation  about curating, feminism and revolution  with  Rujeko Hockley and Lowery Sims. Rujeko  co-curated the Brooklyn Museum's exhibition We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women 1965-85. Lowery Sims started her essential and illustrious career (which included being the first and still only Black curator at the Metropolitan Museum) during the time period covered in the exhibition. The video was produced by the good people at Art Matters, where Rujeko and Lowery (and full disclosure, Aubin's own Catherine Gund) all serve as enthusiastic board members. 
Black Trans Lives Matter

Marsha P Johnson Institute
The Marsha P Johnson Institute   (MPJI), founded and directed by our very own Elle Hearns ( Dispatches From Cleveland), is a brand-new organization with the mission of  creating a crucial entry point for Black trans women and gender non-conforming femmes to obtain the skills, financial and programmatic resources, and leadership development necessary for advocating and ending violence against all trans people.  Donate to the MPJI campaign!!  Help this fledgling organization fly.

Free Ky Peterson
and learn about Freedom Overground.


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