“As the President of the Campaign for College Opportunity, I have fought for the past 16 years to ensure that every Californian, regardless of how much money they have, what zip code they live in, or what race/ethnicity they belong to, that they each have an equal opportunity to be prepared for college, attend college, and cross that graduation stage and earn that cap and gown. Affirmative action would be a tool to help us ensure that vision of a California that is reflective of the beautiful diversity of our state.” - President Michele Siqueiros
Yes on Proposition 16
For everyone who took to the streets in support of Black Lives Matter.

For everyone who cares and advocates for racial and gender equity.

The opportunity to undo years of racial/ethnic and gender discrimination is now, with a Yes vote on Proposition 16.
Proposition 16 is about giving every Californian a shot at success. By reinstating affirmative action, Proposition 16 will give our state and college leaders a tool to help address the effects of systemic racism on Black, Asian, Latinx, and Native American communities in admissions, contracting, and hiring. 
That’s why Proposition 16 is supported by a coalition that is as diverse and broad as California. If you believe in Opportunity for All, join the movement for equity by Voting Yes On Proposition 16!
“[Affirmative action] is a long overdue recognition that the status quo in this country has been one built upon oppression of people of color and oppression of women in many different ways. In order to rectify that, we need to take affirmative action in order to address structural racism and systemic discrimination against women.”

–Vincent Pan, Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmation Action
“I have been a proud supporter of Prop 16 because of my own background; being Native and a citizen of Cherokee Nation, and being a Chicana and a daughter of an immigrant. I want more for my family and more for my people.”

– Alexis Atsilvsgi Zaragoza, UC Berkeley Undergraduate Student and UC Regent Designate
“Prop 16 is a concrete step we can take to begin removing the barriers to equal opportunity for all Californians.”

– Alfre Woodard, Actress
“Numbers don’t lie. Latinos represent the largest ethnic group in California, but we’re still getting left behind… Voting Yes on Proposition 16 would bring the change we need.”
Join us in the fight for opportunity for all Californians. Vote YES on Proposition 16.

Here are the biggest things you can do today to make sure we win:

New Research

Leading researchers at the Civil Rights Project at UCLA produced three new briefs about the need for affirmative action, impacts of affirmative action bans, and why California needs you to vote Yes on Proposition 16.