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It's finally starting to cool off outside, but who has time to notice?! Our summer was filled with production travels, in-house editing, organizing against Trump/hate and a staff transition (same first name, same job, different women!) We went to Madrid for our last Amor Puro y Duro shoot and we filmed our final scenes for  A Moving Body in Cleveland.  And last week we started production on American Rhapsody in New Orleans.

Our September newsletter focuses its 20th Anniversary spotlight on reproductive healthcare, with Aubin's 2000 film  On Hostile Ground and a more recent film we love called TrappedBorn To Fly keeps soaring in new directions, appearing on the the Femme Fatales' Netflix list and in upcoming screenings in Germany. We have related news, films, books, links and other highlights to watch and read. And we introduce our new quote-of-the-month section! (Feel free to send suggestions anytime!)

These days we are loving the music and videos of Todrick Hall.  Watch and listen.
A Changing of the Lauras

There's something deceptively simple about two people changing places behind one email address. The shared name of Laura could lead everyone at the other end to experience a seamless transition of Aubin's Office and Projects Manager. But something much more profound is taking place over here. It's not entirely confusing and disorienting because there are two such distinct, beautiful, creative, passionate and high energy people working with us but they do both respond whenever someone says "Laura."

So, we want to say THANK YOU to  Laura  Tatham who has brought commitment, curiosity, clarity, calm and cats to our collective space. She has never dropped one ball. Our current projects are stronger, further along, better funded and much more organized because of you. 

And we want to say WELCOME to Laura Pilloni who has already added a passionate, positive and promising energy to the team. We look forward to growing Aubin Pictures with your insights, creativity and dedication.
Congratulations on the Emmy, De'Niel Phipps!! 

Our very own  A Moving Body  cinematographer, De'Niel Phipps recently won an Emmy in the Composite Craft category for the Photographer Program from the Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. As a 2008 and 2014 Emmy Award Winner and a 10-time nominated Director, Cinematographer, and Post-Production Editor, De'Niel Phipps has made his mark in the film and television industry for the past 15 years. Congratulations to De'Niel on another Emmy!  Aubin Pictures is so honored to have him on our team!
We are seeking Executive Producers and Co-Producers for American Rhapsody!

In the first quarter of the 20th century, 100 years ago, Black people and white people made films together with Black casts and narratives of joy. Now we have proof in the recent discovery of silent film footage, reels once buried deep in unlabeled canist ers. With our new film series American Rhapsody, we amplify this revelation. There is a thin layer of history that can be mined for justice and joy. We are going there.

Director Garrett Bradley, a New Orleans-based artist and filmmaker, is creating original visions of a radical and integrated past, through a showcase of brilliant, silent performances, and poignant, visual depictions of joy. Garret and producers Lauren Domino and Catherine Gund,  have built a strong process of change that merges artistic development, creation, outreach, and impact. 

We welcome you to inquire about joining this  incredible team and financially supporting this project as an  Executive Producer or Co-Producer at
20th Anniversary Spotlight:  Reproductive Health in the USA


In October of 2000, the "global gag rule" was eliminated, which increased funding for international family planning assistance for the first time since 1996. Further, in July 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court had declared "partial-birth" abortion ban legislation unconstitutional, which had been the anti-choice movement's centerpiece in Congress and the states as a matter of both policy and public relations over the previous six years. In September of 2000, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave long-awaited final approval to mifepristone as a method of early nonsurgical abortion.

On Hostile Ground (2000) [Trailer]
On Hostile Ground (2000) [Trailer]
On Hostile Ground enters the lives of three abortion providers to reveal the obstacles (practical, legal, and emotional) they face everyday, and shows their struggles with the decision to perform this procedure. They reveal what their professional decision has done to their personal and family lives. 

While they each have their own stories, they are all driven more by personal experiences and spiritual beliefs than by political conviction. Produced by Catherine Gund, and produced and directed by Liz Mermin and Jenny Raskin, On Hostile Ground  originally aired on the Sundance Channel.


Since 2010, 288 TRAP (Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers) laws have been passed by conservative state legislatures. In total, 44 states and the District of Columbia have measures subjecting abortion providers to legal restrictions not imposed on other medical professionals. Unable to comply with these far-reaching and medically unnecessary laws, clinics have taken their fight to the courts. 

Trapped follows the clinic workers and lawyers who were on the front lines of the battle to keep abortion safe and legal for millions of American women. U.S. reproductive health clinics are still fighting to remain open, 16 years later.  Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling (Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt) that prevents individual states from essentially outlawing abortion. Directed by Dawn Porter, Trapped aired on PBS/Independent Lens in June). 
Born To Fly on Femme Fatales' Netflix List

This awesome organization compiled a  list of 246 films by women on Netflix, ready to watch. Aubin Pictures is proud to be included on this list for Born To FlyFilm Fatales is a network of women filmmakers who meet regularly to mentor each other, share resources, collaborate on projects and build a supportive community in which to make their films. 
Aubin's Bookshelf

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  Facebook Video from Nakia Jones speaking out on  
police violence, racism, and 20 years as a a police officer in Ohio
Focus on Film: A Few Things We Love

Cameraperson Trailer
New documentary, Cameraperson, by Born To Fly Cinematographer Kirsten Johnson

here for upcoming showings in NYC

Hawaiian indigenous leader Pua Case stands in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Upcoming Screenings

Born To Fly
Oct. 14, 2016 
Homochrom Film Festival, Cologne, Germany

Oct. 22, 2016
Homochrom Film Festival, Dortmund, Germany
Aubin Pictures Lost & Found: The Lauras

          Lost: Laura Tatham                                         Found: Laura Pilloni


We will miss our beloved Laura T. as she journeys back into the world of book publishing to freelance with her cat by her side. She has gifted us with another Laura - highly allergic to cats - who we have enjoyed getting to know during the dog days of summer.
Quote of the Month
Last Week with John Oliver
Last Week with John Oliver

"A wink is a gesture that is somehow both deeply sexual and incredibly unsexy. Like licking a pine cone."   - John Oliver