MPHA continues to work on multiple fronts to address the health impacts and economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the many problems with the state’s vaccine rollout, and our deep concern – shared with most public health experts – about Governor Baker’s premature move to lift many public health restrictions, we are heartened by the recent approval of a third safe and effective vaccine and the ongoing action of people like you who are signing the Vaccine Equity Now! Petition.

Amidst all this, the 2020-2021 Massachusetts state legislative session is now in full swing, and we have released our list of legislative priorities for 2021-2022. We hope you will take action today by contacting your State Senator and Rep and asking them to cosponsor these critical bills.
As you can see from the list below, it is going to be a very busy legislative session – with MPHA prioritizing eleven bills! All of these bills further our goals of advancing health equity and racial justice:

Transforming Local Public Health
  • Statewide Accelerated Public Health for Every Community Act (SAPHE 2.0) SD1067/HD1712 [fact sheet]

Transportation Justice
  • Regional Transit Authority Advancement Bill, SD2232/HD3312 [fact sheet]
  • An Act Relative to Transportation & Environmental Justice, SD2317/HD3905

Economic Justice
  • Emergency Paid Sick Time, SD386/HD531 [fact sheet]

Vaccine Equity

Access to Affordable, Quality Housing
  • COVID-19 Housing Equity Bill, SD1802/HD3030 [fact sheet]
  • Housing & Environment Revenue Opportunities (HERO) Act, SD611/HD1252
  • Right to Counsel, SD1906/HD2441 [fact sheet]
  • Eviction Sealing (HOMES Act), SD798/HD1889 [fact sheet]

Progressive Revenue
  • Increase the Tax Rate on Corporate Profits, SD428/HD1020 [fact sheet]
  • Tax Profits Shifted Overseas, SD173/HD452 [fact sheet]
Please take a few minutes today to contact your elected officials and ask them to become cosponsors of these important measures (link to script).
Each of these bills represents a key step forward for greater equity, greater justice, and better public health. Please tell your legislators that you support MPHA’s priorities and ask them to become cosponsors. By raising your voice, you will be bringing us a step closer to a more equitable, more just and healthier Commonwealth.
With appreciation,
Carlene Pavlos
Executive Director
Massachusetts Public Health Association
PS MPHA's 2020 Annual Report is now available on our website. Click here to see highlights of our work during one of the most unusual year.
Massachusetts Public Health Association