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There Is Still Time To Get That Christmas Quilt Done!
Ruth Is Getting Them Done... and more!

The way things are going, our backlog of Christmas quilting should be completed on Tuesday! That means that our Christmas holiday backlog [or turnaround] is at two days!

So if you still have that something for Christmas decorations, presents, ... [you know how things can get put off] ... then bring them in for some quick turnaround!

Remember if you want binding services, allow us a bit more time. At this point we still have availability even for that!

This availability comes at a wonderful time of year. The availability is due not only to Ruth's fantastic ability, but because of the gift that many of our customers are giving to other, unknown quilters.

You see these quilters have elected to have their already checked-in quilting done after the Christmas rush! And, they don't even know the identity of those benefiting from their free gift. Not only that, but there is no financial incentive for them to offer this opportunity...Zip...Nada..Zero!

If you're one of the many who think that Christmas is nothing but commercialism and manipulation or that the whole world is spiraling downhill, then think of these free, selfless gifts made available to you from people giving anonymously whether or not you decide to be blessed by their actions.
Closed For Christmas-New Years

We will closed for the Christmas-New Years holiday from Sunday, December 23, 2018 through Tuesday, January 1, 2019.
We Should Hit Quilt #8,000 Shortly!

Every 1,000th customer quilt is a milestone to us. We are coming up on our 8,000th customer quilt shortly, and you could be the winner!

That's right! We'll have longarmed 8,000 quilts for customers. That is our focus: customers. If you counted all quilts, such as samples and charity quilts, the number is more like a thousand more, but we don't track those numbers.

So, what do you win if you bring in quilt #8,000?

Simply put: $200 toward longarming services!

Yes, there is some fine print:
  • It can only be used on longarming services;
  • It can only be used by bringing in another quilt during the 2019 calendar year during our business hours;
  • It can only be used on one item [so don't use it on a candle mat];
  • It is void once used;
  • The winner is responsible for paying for any longarming services that exceed the $200;
  • It is transferable, so it can be gifted, etc.;
  • You must check-in your item to be quilted before we will assign you a number;
  • We will not divulge the current quilt number over the phone, via messaging, or via e-mail; and,
  • We will send out an email announcing the winner or that there was a winner.
Here's wishing that you will be the winner!
Enjoy your blessings this  Christmas season!
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