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Critical Insights: Themes
Critical Insights:
Patriotism is defined as the “vigorous support for one’s country” and has long been an important literary theme. This volume traces patriotism in literature from ancient Greek devotion to the city-state in Homer’s Iliad to examining how the civil rights movement impelled America to live up to its ideals in a discussion of the 2016 film Hidden Figures. Motivated by patriotism, Americans serve their country, join protests to support or reject military decisions, and join civil/voter rights movements. How patriotism has been defined, embraced, and sometimes rejected throughout history, and how literature reflects this theme, are explored from diverse perspectives in this volume.
Pub. Date: July 2021
ISBN: 978-1-63700-000-7
Price: $105

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Critical Insights: Authors
Critical Insights:
Amy Tan

Amy Tan has called writing “an extreme privilege, but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.” This volume discusses some of Tan’s key themes: communication across generations of a family when those generations have grown up in different cultures, the immigrant experience, mother/daughter relationships, the intersection of gender roles and an Asian or Asian American experience, and depression and the artist, among others.

Pub. Date: September 2021
ISBN: 978-1-64265-994-8
Price: $105

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Critical Insights:
Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy is now universally regarded as one of the most important novelists and poets of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His works often reflect --and helped to create and reinforce --a relatively dark vision of human life, a vision highly characteristic of his era. This volume explores numerous works by Hardy from a rich variety of perspectives. The book examines his writings by relating them to history, philosophy, sociology, economics, gender, and, especially, aesthetics.

Pub Date: August 2021
ISBN: 978-1-63700-002-1
Price: $105

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Critical Insights: Works
Critical Insights:
A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities has long been valued as one of Charles Dickens’s most important and fascinating novels. Set during a time of great historical turmoil, presenting a fascinating cast of memorable characters, and exploring some of the most important themes (particularly moral issues), this book has long commanded the intense attention of anyone who has read it. This volume explores the novel from various deliberately diverse perspectives, setting it in historical, critical, and aesthetic contexts and examining how its impact has been kept alive to the present day.

Pub Date: August 2021
ISBN: 978-1-64265-992-4
Price: $105

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Critical Insights:

Catch-22 was published in 1961, becoming a number-one bestseller in England before American audiences identified with its anti-war sentiments, earning it classic status and prompting a film version in 1970. Heller’s dark, satirical novel became so ubiquitous that it initiated the eponymous phrase regarding paradoxical situations. Catch-22 is appreciated for its black humor, extensive use of flashbacks, contorted chronology, countercultural sensibilities, and bizarre language structures. With current trends and political climate considered, this volume revisits this classic text for a contemporary audience.

Pub Date: October 2021
ISBN: 978-1-64265-996-2
Price: $105

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Recent Reviews for the Critical Insights Series
Critical Insights: Censored & Banned Literature is a CHOICE Top 75 Community College Resource for October 2019

"Evans has provided a rich resource for a variety of scholars, students, and professionals. Most readers will home in on a specific essay or section, but they will likely find something useful in this wide-ranging text." - Library Journal on Critical Insights: Censored & Banned Literature
Critical Insights: Frederick Douglass is a CHOICE Top 75 Community College Resource for July 2020

"The value of this reference work, beyond the unique scholarly perspectives within, is in the collocation of 15 recent, well-researched, and well-written critical essays in one book, analyzing much of Douglass’s output. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty." - CHOICE on Critical Insights: Frederick Douglass
Critical Insights: The Odyssey is a CHOICE Top 75 Community College Resource for December 2020

"Nearly exhaustive in its embrace of approaches, the volume is marked by an authenticity, balance, and relevance that will impress even the strictest classicists. Summing Up: Highly Recommended. Lower- and upper-division undergraduates" - CHOICE on Critical Insights: The Odyssey
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