Life Choices - April 2017
Miracle Adoption
Adoption Spotlight

God truly directed our ways as we walked along Lauren through her drug addiction, her treatment and her decision for life for her new baby and to place her for adoption. God had provided a beautiful Christian family and an unselfish, loving birth mom, Lauren, to bring this new family together...

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Take Back the Break

Last week, four students from Union University chose to serve at A Woman's Choice and Necole's Place over their spring break. They supported our staff and served our clients at Necole's Place in a number of ways..
Get to Know Jim Daly
Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, will be our 2017 Banquet Speaker. Daly's personal journey from orphan, to author of The Good Dad, to head of an international Christian organization dedicated to helping families thrive, is a powerful story...

Baby Bottle Campaign
Our Baby Bottle Campaign is one of our annual fundraisers that we do between Mother's Day and Father's Day. Your members will then take them home and over the course of 6 weeks, they will fill them with any loose change, cash, or checks...

Prayer and Praise

We are Praising and Thanking God for:
  • The dedication and talents of the AWC/NP Staff
  • The tremendous blessing our interns are to both the staff and clients!!!
  • Construction of the new building is making great progress
  • Client conversations encouraging others to make a public profession of faith & give their life to Christ
  • Saved Babies!

We ask Prayers for:
  • Strength, protection, and unity for our Staff and volunteers
  • Grace for all to run the race set before them with perseverance and joy!
  • Construction of new building to continue to go well
  • Blessings on the construction crew
  • Wisdom in making decisions on how best to help clients & their families, many homeless, in financial crisis and in abusive relationships
  • Additional resource connections in the community
  • Deliverance for clients ensnared by drugs
  • God to bring more abortion-minded women through our doors and soften their hearts to choose life!

A Woman's Choice Resource Center