Issue 57 | February 2021
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As part of preparation for the seminar, the Be Healthy QC Coalition released a new edition of their Resource Guide, chock full of ways to take care of yourself and your family (or even those you work with). Now featuring virtual programs to help you Eat Right and Move More!
Nourishing Nuggets
Sharing local/regional updates/resources centered on nutrition and physical activity
"Take care of yourself," tends to be something we toss out nonchalantly to one another. But what if we told you your life could depend on that seemingly simple phrase.

It's true. How we treat our bodies (and what we do or do not put into them) has far-reaching effects on our long term physical and mental health, and even how well we're able to ward off diseases/viruses (yep, like COVID-19).

Those interconnections were a running theme throughout our Be Healthy QC Coalition's special seminar (earlier this month), where state presenters and local panelists discussed policies, programs, and ways we could all collaborate when it comes to Eating Right and Moving More-- foundational elements to all our health.

So, especially during this "season of love" we encourage you to make sure you're loving yourself. Do some assessment of where you're shining and where there's opportunity for growth (or help), and take care. Really.

For a full recap of the "Centering on Nutrition and Physical Activity in 2021" Seminar (plus supplemental resources compiled from presenters/panelists), please contact QCHI staff for prepared documents.
QC Trail of the Month
Detailing a regional trail for your next adventure

Start or continue your self-care routine by checking out one of the many non-motorized trails in the bi-state area (500+ miles worth!).

Even through the winter months, Augustana College in Rock Island has some great trails running through its campus.

Be sure to check out the slough path, a 1/4 mile, paved trail adjacent to Augustana's slough.
Other landmarks include the historic 'Old Main' building, the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Bell Tower, Ascension Chapel, Fryxell Geology Museum, and more. Campus staff are always careful to keep walkways clear, but with the recent severe weather don't forget to be extra cautious around snow and ice.

Check out the complete trail listing on

And don't forget to follow QC Trails on Facebook. Take care by letting us connect you to trails, health tips, and local events-- all centered on physical activity.
Board Stories
Revealing a personal side to our Board Members and why they're committed to QCHI and the health of our community
QCHI Board Member, Rev. Dr. Melvin Grimes is tuned in to the care of many in the community. Whether it's his pastoring at the same Moline Church for more than 31 years, or his role as head of Churches United-- many turn to him for health advice and advocacy.

In our next "Board Stories," find out his philosophy on making real change.

Check out the rest of his story HERE.
Resource Corner
Showcasing regional/national tips/guides to Move More
With the right care and planning, getting the heart pumping outdoors doesn't HAVE to take a backseat to these cooooolder weeks/months.

Check out some great ideas on how to make sure you and your family are Moving More this winter, compiled from our friends at the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

See more great resources from IHSI HERE.

And please take care of yourself!
COURTESY: Iowa Healthiest State Initiative
Stay home as much as possible | Wear a face covering | Keep at least 6' apart |
Wash hands frequently | Take the vaccine when it becomes available | #togetherqc

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