Environmental wellness is a cause near and dear to my heart, but taking care of the environment can seem like such a daunting task these days. Our earth needs all the help we can give, but where to start? Reusable straws, natural fibers, organic produce, free-range protein, ditching plastic bags and Styrofoam take-out containers are but a few things on the very long list of suggestions we hear often. Then there are the things we seem to have little control over-corporate pollution, dwindling environmental protections, lack of regulation and oversight. When you can’t do it all, you do what you can. For my family, that means focusing on reducing waste-reusable straws, recycling bins, shop and support local, reusable shopping bags and containers. And doing what we can to influence national policy-voting, donating, supporting candidates and organizations that are pushing for environmental protections and improvements.

But what about our personal environment? The spaces we inhabit on a daily basis, our physical surroundings and the objects within them? I’m a designer by education, and while my degrees are in theatre I like to think I’ve picked up a few things along the way that are more universal. Look at the things around you-do you like them? In the words of Marie Kondo, do they bring you joy? For me, taking care of my personal environment means making it interesting. I like having art, mementos, pictures, and other reminders of my life surrounding me. It gets a little cluttered, but for me that’s what I like. Always try to do what works for you. Minimalist? Bright colors everywhere? Super clean and tidy? Monochrome? Organization by pile? The space you live in can be a reflection of who you are, and certainly affects your wellbeing. Are there colors, smells, textures you like? Put them in your environment! I’m a fan of scented candles myself, but only sweet or fruity ones-anything floral or musky isn’t for me. Take care with your surroundings, and they’ll take care of you.