As a graduate student, I would be lying if I said I get a solid eight hours of sleep a night. However, because sleep is important to me and my well-being, I prioritize it as much as possible. This means, I practice good sleep hygienewhen I go to sleep, I put myself in the best position to sleep well. To help ensure that I do not have difficulty in falling asleep, I make sure not to drink any caffeine after 2pm (unless I am going to have a late night). I am the type of person who needs a good night’s sleep to function, therefore, I make sure that unless absolutely necessary, I keep a regular sleeping schedule. Keeping a regular sleeping schedule allows me to practice good sleep hygiene. I try to go to sleep around the same time each night and wake up around the same time each day (minus weekends and the end of the semester). Thirty minutes before I head to bed, I limit my exposure to blue lightno computers, phones, or TV 30 minutes before bed. To help get me in that sleepy mindset, I drink a soothing herbal tea and stretch a little. When I am ready for bed, I make sure I have the perfect blanket to room temperature ratio and before I know it, it is morning.