" The most important connections for me are always the ones I have with people. And through this pandemic, it is these connections that have gotten me through. I have never been so grateful to have so many modes of communication. And I use them all. I miss meeting up with friends on campus or in downtown Lawrence or for a walk together with our pets. But I decided early on that I could still talk to these people. Each day when I hear how someone is doing in New York or Bremen or right here in Lawrence, I feel more connected to what is going on with us all.

I know I will remember these weeks not for the fear or the confusion or the uncertainty, but for how much I felt each time I connected to the people I still am in touch with from all of my life. So don’t isolate yourself personally. Just stay safe and remember the friends you have now, have had. Sometimes touching base with an old friend reminds you how short this time is. It is those friendships that have convinced me “it’ll be fine.”"