Self-Care Strategies
for Today’s Educators

Teaching is challenging. Managing students and trying to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs is challenging. Preparing students for year-end assessments is challenging. Making time for your family and friends while balancing work/home schedules is challenging. How we help and support each other through these challenges makes the difference.
Many school divisions have taken a proactive approach to help educators manage stressors throughout the day. For example, an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, provides a Tap-In/Tap-Out strategy to help teachers recharge. Other divisions provide appreciation gifts, exercise opportunities, mindfulness groups, release time for professional learning, and more.
In her ASCD article, Wendi Pillars, shared “ Eight Burnout-busting Self-care Strategies ” to support educators that love what they do but challenged by the daily demands. These self-preservation strategies include areas for small changes such as (1) monitoring connectivity, (2) creating, (3) getting back to nature, (4) reviewing your diet, (5) sleeping, (6) choosing your frame, (7) enjoying your friends, and (8) practicing gratitude. Likewise, ASCD featured a “ The Self-Care Challenge ” chapter from Fostering Resilient Learners by Souers and Hall which highlighted their top four components of self-care: health, love, competence, and gratitude. 

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