Greetings CedarS Families ,

We have loved bringing CedarS home to all of you these past couple of weeks through our daily CedarS 365 Facebook Live events. Thank you so much for participating! As many schools are beginning online classes, we are going to put a pause on our CedarS 365 daily Livestream events for the time being.

However, rest assured that our Sunday hymn sings will continue! You can connect with us at 7pm Central each Sunday via Zoom at ( Meeting ID: 423 595 486).

Just because our daily Livestream events are wrapping up, does not mean you to have to stop “taking CedarS home with you!” What we share at CedarS is not about a place or a season of the year, but a divine idea that includes experiencing God and feeling the joy of giving, growing, and loving unconditionally wherever you are.

Below are links to the “Take CedarS Home with You” activities from the past weeks. We encourage you to check out any that you might have missed, or to re-watch the ones you enjoyed most!

CedarS 365 Facebook Live Recordings:

           about horse breeds, horse coat colors, and grooming.
March 21: Musical Theater Dance & Sing-a-long : Get up and moving with Erin Lane, Director of
           CedarS Musical Theater Program, as she teaches dance movements and leads a song!
March 22: Bookmarking Party! Join Christie Hanzlik and special guests Corran and Keeton for a
           fun CedarS 365 Bookmarking Party!

With love,

Holly and the CedarS Team

P.S. Please know that we are still actively preparing to hold camp this summer. We encourage you to Enroll for our programs and Apply to The Campership Fund for financial support if this would help open the door to your attending camp. Of course, we will be carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation and complying with all regulations. If our summer programs would need to be re-scheduled or cancelled based on current events, you can expect to receive a full refund.
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