Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
One final reminder for all about the webinar that ICEA and IEDA will host in partnership tomorrow (April 22). There is no fee to register thanks to our sponsoring partners and it would greatly benefit your Chamber to have someone representing your organization registered.  Click here to register as an ICEA member and use the code: icea2020 when prompted.  Our Chambers & LEDOs are on the front lines for Indiana's economic recovery and we need a plan.

Here are 5 take-aways from the day for Chamber leaders:

  • Responding to Members in a Time of Crisis: Sarah Slaydek's book The End of Membership As We Know It was a game changer for many of us in the Chamber industry. Her company XYZ University will host this webinar next week as part of the Save The Associations Virtual Summit. The webinar is no cost to participate and scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th.

  • We're All In This Together: From coast to coast, our country is hurting. Chambers are shifting a lot in the way they do business in light of the circumstances we find ourselves in. This podcast brings W.A.C.E. President and CEO Dave Kilby to look at some recent data on membership trends.

  • 17 Virtual Chamber Events Your Members Will Love: In case you missd these great suggestions from Frank Kenny.

  • Stimulus 3.5: The U.S. Senate has scheduled a meeting to be held tomorrow at 4:00pm for possible action on additional PPP funding and more. Negotiations are close to finishing, with federal testing resources the last remaining major hurdle. However, any single senator could block any action while the Senate is not formally in session. This package, known as Stimulus 3.5 will likely also add funding for hospitals but not for local governments, SNAP beneficiaries, or for eviction moratoriums. More details here.

  • Indiana Chamber Webinars: Our great connections at the Indiana Chamber have two webinars this week that are available for your business leaders and or your Chamber staff -
  • Latest Guidance on Federal Loans to Assist With COVID-19 Disaster (4/22 at 12-1:30);
  • Insurance Implications of COVID-19 and Relief Packages (4/23 at 11-12:30).
Register at indianachamber.com/webinars
If you are like me and watching the federal / state updates, the top of mind question is, 'but how?' A colleague asked if I thought returning items to a store would be a thing of the past? I had a conversation today with a business leader frustrated that he couldn't find the needed cleaning supplies to keep employees safe. (There was a 6-8 week backorder when he checked on-line.) A friend asked me how people will be able to try on clothing in a retail store without possibly contaminating the clothing? An elderly couple made the tough decision to retire and close their business rather than maneuvering through the obstacles necessary to successfully reopen. All tough questions and they continue to grow daily. What tough questions are you hearing from your business leaders? E-mail me the FAQs that are making your members ask, "but how?' We'll figure this out. Together.

Please call with any questions.

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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