Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
Happy Friday! Let's try one final time to increase the number of our ICEA members completing the quick survey about the impact COVID has had on your organization. Here's a list of the chambers who have completed and our response rate just is not great yet. Data is important as we move forward and ICEA needs that information from your Chamber, so if you can find five extra minutes this weekend, please complete this assessment for our professional industry. Thank you! Now, I think you will be happy with the five great take-aways from today:

  • Back On Track Indiana: Whats Open, What's Closed is the announcement we have al been waiting for this week from our governor's office.

  • Terre Haute Chamber Releases COVID Recovery Guide: As we look ahead to returning to work and beginning to rebuild the local economy, the Terre Haute Chamber is working with state and federal organizations to compile useful information and resources for members via the COVID-19 Recovery Guide released this week.

  • Roadmap to a Healthy Reopening: As stay-at-home orders begin to lift in the coming weeks, your members need to be ready to keep customers and employees safe. Thanks to John Urbahns, President & CEO of Greater Fort Wayne Inc., and the entire staff team for developing a series of industry-specific webinars to guide employers to reopen safely when the time is right. Instead of recreating something like this for your Chamber, John has granted permission for peers to share the video links with your members. R & D . . . . that's the beauty of the Chamber industry and peer-to-peer willingness to share resources.

  • Federal Reserve Expands Business-Lending Program: The Federal Reserve will expand loan offerings and qualification rules for its forthcoming $600 billion lending effort designed to reach small and midsize businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the central bank announced on Thursday.

There are concerns through the national network about the legal liability of chamber professionals telling businesses exactly what they should do for reopening. However helping business leaders think through what they ought to consider is a safe route to take as you continue to step up and lead with available resources.

Say it again and don't ever forget. We've got this team! Thank you for your leadership to this profession. Now, go try to carve out some fun time for the weekend.

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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