Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
It's finally Friday. We can celebrate together the maneuvering through yet another week on the economic front-lines of helping our business communities. Thank you for your professional leadership during this challenging chapter for all and here are five take-aways from the day for Chamber leaders:

  • The Future Is Not What It Used To Be: Thoughts On The Shape Of the Next Normal from the McKinsey & Company website provides thought-provoking reading for the weekend as we all try to figure out what this new normal will look like moving forward.

  • 501(c)6 Update: Thank you Kevin Brinegar and the staff of the Indiana Chamber for contacting every member of the Indiana delegation asking to either send or sign onto the attached letter (one for House members and one for Senators) urging inclusion of 501(c)6 organizations with expanded CARES funding. If you have not yet done so, local chambers are encouraged to contact your representative and both senators. The U.S. Chamber also has an updated letter that your chamber can sign to join forces with thousands of other chambers across the nation with a deadline to sign on prior to April 23 @ 4:00 p.m. EST.

  • Independent Contractors: There are 377,333 independent contractors working in Indiana. This week, the SBA intended to better clarify to assist the millions of independent contractors nationwide dealing with COVID financial loss. The U.S. Chamber released today a guide for independent contractors, also available in Spanish. This is an important tool for your chamber to have for the business community as several groups are urging Congressional leaders to quickly approve bridge funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, a critical element of the CARES Act to assist the business community.

  • U.S. Chamber Path Forward: If you missed yesterday's episode called Deep Dive Testing, it's also worth a weekend listen. There are great resource reads in the Blog post under the Big Picture heading.
Speaking of celebrating, if you are so inclined to do so, raise a glass for our ICEA Chair Nick Kieffer over the weekend as he prepares to kiss another decade good-bye next week with a big birthday celebration. Cheers Nick! Thanks for steering the helm at the Goshen Chamber and thank you for your leadership with ICEA.

As a chamber staff professional, never forget that you are not alone - all ICEA peers are in this together and willing to help with any hurdle thrown your way. Please reach out with any questions.

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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