Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
Happy Thursday! You did not receive a Take Five yesterday because instead direct grassroots outreach was happening to encourage participation with the action steps highlighted in the final bullet point below. We are back on track today and happy to share these five great takeaways from the day -

  • Toolkit to Jump Start Main Street: I recently listened in on a webinar by Blane Canada LTD. This Toolkit to Jump Start Main Street was developed and will be updated frequently with new ideas.

  • Sample Return to Work Framework: OurHealth and Marathon Health has developed a Return to Work Framework that includes four pillars of an effective strategy. You can download the one page document here

  • Great Idea: The Batesville Chamber launched One Batesville Strong and sold more than $3,000 gift certificates in 5 days. Great way to encourage shop local while assisting families in need.

  • ACTION ITEMS: Two quick requests from our local chambers in Indiana and both have deadlines of this Friday. 1.) ICEA is partnering with the Indiana Economic Development Association, and the Indiana Tourism Association to alert the Indiana Congressional delegation that we still need funding for 501(c)6 orgs so please sign on to support this initiative. 2.) ICEA is conducting a quick 15 question survey along with other state executive associations across the U.S. to measure the impact that the COVID global pandemic has had on our industry. Please have one person from your Chamber's staff complete the survey.

These are sure to be very busy days as we march toward ending this week. Keep up the good work team -

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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