Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
Take Five on 5/5 at 5 o'clock. How cool is that? Happy Cinco de Mayo / Taco Tuesday everyone. Here are five great tips from today:

  • State of Our Local Chambers in Indiana: Stats from those chambers completing last week's ICEA COVID impact survey: 22% did not have a reserve account ("rainy day fund") going into the COVID crisis; 65% of Chambers that did have a reserve account have not had to access those funds thus far due to COVID; 78% of responding chambers could remain operational for more than 6 months with existing funding; 81% of responding chambers have not had to furlough employees due to COVID; 81% of responding chambers have contacted their congressional delegates about including 501(c)6 orgs in future funding opportunities; 72% did not apply for EIDL funding; and 97.2% did not apply for PPP funding.

  • Funding for Agricultural Businesses: Many of our communities are full of agriculture businesses. Make sure they know they can now apply fo EIDL funds.

  • Resources for Parents & Students: As many are winding down the school year, here's a great resource to reduce stress on working professionals turned home-school teachers due to COVID. The Indiana Retired Teachers Association will offer a hotline for parents and students looking for homework help. The Call & Learn hotline (877-45-STUDY) will be operational weekdays from 1-5 PM. Any retired Indiana educator interested in volunteering for the hotline can contact teacherhelp@retiredteachers.org or call (888) 454-9333 to get started. 

  • Indiana PPE Marketplace: Governor Eric Holcomb has announced a new marketplace for personal protective equipment (PPE) that will serve as an added resource for Indiana small businesses returning to work in the coming weeks. The Indiana Small Business PPE Marketplace, which is expected to launch this week, will ensure reliable access to PPE for small businesses and nonprofits lacking the resources needed to comply with safe workplace guidance during the reopening. Click here for additional details. 

  • Soldiers in the Woods: For this guest blog post, you'll need to scroll three deep on the ICEA website to the 4/30/2020 entry, but it's a worthy read as Chris Mead (Magicians of Main Street) examines chamber executives' work to reduce PPE shortages. Feel free to "steal" any of the ideas mentioned here or to share these stories with your members to generate ideas of how your chamber can assist with problem-solving. It's long, so feel free to skip around to what most excites you. I find these stories inspiring and hope you will too. 

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions or need assistance with your Chamber. Keep moving forward one day at a time. We've got this team. Thank you for your leadership -

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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